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'Colby Fire': Glendora police arrest three 1,700-acre L.A. County fire

According to a status update shared on Facebook by the Glendora Police Department on Jan. 16, three people have been arrested in connection with the “Colby Fire” burning its way across the Angeles National Forest in the Glendora area of Los Angeles County in California.

'Colby Fire': Glendora police arrest three in today's 1,700-acre L.A. County
David McNew/Getty Images

The Glendora Police Department Facebook page says that 21-year-old Steven Aguirre, 23-year-old Jonathan Jarrell, and 22-year-old Clifford Henry have been arrested and charged with “unlawfully causing a fire of a structure or forest land.” Officials say the three suspects are being held in custody, and that bail has been set at $20,000 each.

Despite having more than 500 firefighters battling it, the “Colby Fire” had already burned 1,700 acres of land within hours of being reported. The blaze has destroyed at least two homes, and injured at least civilian, who reportedly suffered minor burns.

Reports indicate that authorities have closed schools in the area and issued mandatory vaccinations for nearby residents.

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