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Coke Super Bowl ad 2014 sparks outrage: Coca-Cola’s ‘America the Beautiful’

The Coke Super Bowl ad 2014 is sparking so much outrage that some people are swearing off Coke for good. Coca-Cola’s “America the Beautiful” Super Bowl ad was titled “It’s Beautiful,” but for some, having the patriotic song performed in eight different languages by people from different ethnicities was anything but beautiful or patriotic, reported USA Today on Feb. 3, 2014.

Coke Super Bowl ad 2014 sparks outrage: Coca-Cola’s ‘America the Beautiful’
Facebook, Tina Burgess

Unlike Coke’s Super Bowl ads in previous years, the 2014 ad was not light-hearted and fun but focused on Coke’s “Classic” theme and “America the Beautiful.” Coca-Cola’s red and white label is known worldwide as a classic American symbol and an American product. Coca-Cola’s advertisement emphasizes the idea of unity – a smile, a song, and drinking a Coke.

For some viewers of Coke’s Super Bowl 2014 ad, extending that unity to the whole world instead of just to “America the Beautiful” was apparently too much.

On Coca-Cola’s Facebook page, Coke’s 2014 Super Bowl ad resulted in some interesting comments:

“No. Americans DONT love this... What the heck is wrong with you Coca Cola. Do not speak on my behalf!”

“EXPOSED: @CocaCola's Super Bowl Commercial Was A Stealth Push For Amnesty By Its Muslim CEO. Coca Cola has been on a major amnesty push for at least a year in the hopes that it can obtain cheap labor. And because its CEO Muhtar Kent is a Muslim who was raised in places like Iran and Indonesia, perhaps for even more sinister reasons. Regardless, this push makes it very clear that the Super Bowl ad was 100% political.”

Similar comments about Coke’s Super Bowl ad 2014 were also posted on Twitter and shown on Public Shaming:

“WTF?” asked one post on Twitter. “@CocaCola has America the Beautiful being sung in different languages in a #SuperBowl commercial? We speak ENGLISH here, IDIOTS.”

“Dear @CocaCola : America the beautiful is sang in English. Piss off. #DontF*ckWithUs.”

“Since when is it okay to sing ‘America the Beautiful’ in any language other than ENGLISH!!”

“Coke lost a lot of drinkers on that one. This is America damnit. We speak English.”

“Nice to see that coke likes to sing an AMERICAN song in the terrorits’s langue. Way to go coke. You can leave America.”

While the Coke Super Bowl ad 2014 sparked a lot of outrage because of Coca-Cola’s “America the Beautiful” version in different languages, one can only imagine the kind of Facebook or Twitter comments that might have been written if people would have noticed that the Coca-Cola ad also included what are said to be the first gay parents depicted in a Super Bowl ad.

Update: According to a company spokesperson, the ad "It's Beautiful" was created to celebrate everyone: "America is beautiful and Coca-Cola is for everyone. 'It’s Beautiful' was created to celebrate Coke moments among all Americans who together enjoy ice cold, refreshing Coke. For centuries America has opened its arms to people of many countries who have helped to build this great nation. 'It’s Beautiful' provides a snapshot of the real lives of Americans representing diverse ethnicities, religions, races and families, all found in the United States. All those featured in the ad are Americans and “America The Beautiful” was sung by bilingual American young women. We believe 'It’s Beautiful' is a great example of the magic that makes our country so special, and a powerful message that spreads optimism, promotes inclusion and celebrates humanity – values that are core to Coca-Cola."

Behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the singers of the ad can be seen at

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