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Coke stolen laptops: Why did coke keep info of 74,000 folks on laptops?

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Coke reports that the recently stolen laptop computers held the personal information of about 74,000 people. The Coke computers were stolen from the company’s Atlanta headquarters and the personal information they contain are from employees and past employees of the company, reports CBS News on Jan. 24.

The computers have since been recovered and there is no reason for authorities to suspect that the information stored on those computers was misused. The names, addresses, social security numbers and even their wages were stored on the now recovered laptops. Is this information safe on laptops, which are such a portable device?

The theft of the laptops was made public after a memo was sent to U.S. and Canada employees of Coca-Cola on Friday. Coca-Cola is sending out about 18,000 letters to the folks whose information was found stored in the laptops.

The company will not give out details about who took the laptops or why they took them as the investigation is on-going today. One might wonder why a company as big as Coke would store such important information on laptops. This doesn’t seem like a secure place to store personal information of their employees. Now that they've been taken and returned, hopefully a more secure method for this information will be found.