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Coke stolen laptops: Missing computers had information of over 74,000 people

74,000 people could be affected after Coke has their laptops stolen.
74,000 people could be affected after Coke has their laptops stolen.

The Coca-Cola company said on Friday, Jan. 24, 2014, that a number of laptop computers were stolen from their headquarters in Atlanta, according to the Associated Press. Due to the Coke stolen laptops, the personal information of at least 74,000 people is out there and could be affected.

The world's largest drink maker said that the information on Coke's stolen laptops was from individuals that includes thousands of former and current employees.

Letters are now being sent out to 18,000 people, as well as third parties, whose names and social security numbers were on the laptops. Letters will be sent out to another 56,000 people whose driver's license numbers and other information were on Coke's stolen laptops as well.

“While we have no indication that your information was misused, we take the protection of personal information security very seriously and will offer free identity theft protection services for one year to all affected,” the company said. “We apologize for any concern or inconvenience this may cause you, and we are taking additional steps to enhance our information protection practices.”

Coke has sent out a memo saying that their stolen laptops have been recovered, but there is no word on how data and information was affected.

The stolen laptops were retrieved from a former employee of Coke who was assigned to maintain or dispose of the equipment.

No further information could be provided by Coke about the stolen laptops due to an ongoing law enforcement investigation.

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