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Coke stolen laptops: 74,000 at risk, thieved computers held personal information

Photo of a laptop computer on a desk
Photo of a laptop computer on a desk
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Stolen laptops from Coke headquarters in Atlanta this week were said to hold the personal information of nearly 74,000 people. Coca-Cola has released an official notice that the security data of thousands of people could have been at risk if the thieved computers had gotten into the wrong hands. Fortunately, ABC News announces this Friday, Jan. 24, 2014, that the company has since recovered the laptops, and that there is virtually no evidence that any of the information on the devices has been taken or misused.

While the laptops stolen from Coke’s head offices this Jan. were initially a definite cause for concern — especially in light of the Target security breach that has made national news headlines in recent months — a spokesperson for Coca-Cola said that the 74,000 individuals at risk have little to no reason to worry. Company official Ann Moore has confirmed that there is no suggestion that any of the data from the thieved computers were altered or violated.

It was also noted that a majority of the personal information contained within the newly recovered laptops belonged to employees or past workers of the Coca-Cola Company. However, Coke is reportedly sending out thousands of letters to people whose names and Social Security numbers might have been put in jeopardy.

According to the press release on the “Coke stolen laptops” story, a variety of data was inputted into the computers:

“Coke is sending letters to about 18,000 people whose names and Social Security numbers were found on the laptops. The laptops also contained information on compensation, ethnicity and addresses. It was The Wall Street Journal that first reported the massive theft affecting a potential 74,000 people this Friday, citing a memo that was sent to Coca-Cola's U.S. and Canadian employees.”

Finally, Coke spokeswoman Moore has announced that the Coca-Cola company is unable to offer any more information at this point in time on the thieving (or recovery) of the laptops due to an ongoing law enforcement investigation looking into the crime.

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