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Coke's new soda: Coca-Cola Life expanding into additional markets

Are people ready for Coke's new soda? The company has developed a drink called Coca-Cola Life, which is the first new Coke-branded beverage added to the company's line in eight years. Businessweek shared the details.

Will Coke's new soda, Coke Life, be a hit?
Screencap via HuffPost video

Coke's new soda uses stevia to sweeten it, but it isn't exactly a diet soda. It reportedly has 89 calories a can and four tablespoons of real sugar in it. What's the point then? It is lower sugar and calorie than traditional Coke, and it does avoid aspartame, a big focus for many consumers these days.

Regular Coke has 150 calories a can, and Coke's new soda version does have about one-third less sugar than the traditional soda. It may well serve as a soda option for those looking to cut back somewhat on sugar and calories, and avoid the artificial sweeteners, without doing a traditional diet soda.

Coke Life is already available in Chile and Argentina, and it will hit the U.K. later this year. At this point, there is no date set for the company to bring Coke's new soda into U.S. markets. Coca-Cola has struggled with a slight decrease in sales of late, and they are determined to turn things around. Could Coke Life be the answer?

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