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Coins fished in Feb 2014

1961-D lincoln cent was minted 1,753,266,700 times. In that process double struck coins have been reported. They need to be approved by a rating service and then they will have increased value. I checked the one I caught, no such luck. But I had a chance, and that is all we can hope for as coin fisherpersons. The ladies will find coin collecting just as much fun as the men. The urge to clean your catch is strong. But do not. It ruins the value of the coin. For some weird reason, collectors prefer the patina of age on all coins. Semi Chrome polish makes the oxidation abate, but ruins the value. No one said that when I started fishing coins.

I got the penny in my change, so anything over a cent is profit. It is 95 percent copper, so in copper alone I got 4 cents there. It is in bad shape, lots of wear and tear. the steps of the lincoln memorial on the back are gone. That is how you know your coin is like mine, just good. You can still barely see lincoln sitting on his chair. All the lettering and date are legible, so it will hold it's value. The other main coin I caught this month, was not a coin per se, but a token. A scandia coin token for games. Silver and 98 percent the size of a quarter. It was in the quarter slot of a register, and the clerk gave it to me. It has a viking warrior head with helmet on the front, then a warrior standing behind a shield on the back. Victorville Las Vegas Ontario Sacramento on the back. My living in Sacramento, it most likely came from here. It is shiny silver and almost the same weight as a quarter I will keep it for my token collection. I have many of them. Many collectors/fishers, save medals and tokens.

The value of an uncirculated 1961-D penny is $1.59. So neither catch improves my collections. But we know as a life long fisher/collector, I will keep catching what I can.

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