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Coins caught sifting in January 2014

caught a quarter with Mount Rushmore on back. Cute view of Washington and Jefferson, with a worker hanging on a slat with rope. 2013 mint mark D. It is in excellent condition, worthy of collecting. On the front is the mint mark under the motto In God We Trust. Bottom has quarter dollar and top has united states of america. Left side has Liberty. Penny is a 1961 d. My baby brother was born then, so I am saving it to build a birth year set for him. Used. Not as collectible as new or uncirculated, but something to try for

found a nickel minted 2005 d, jefferson. 3/4 profile on front. In back is a homage to Lewis and Clark a view of the coast. Large trees at the ocean beach. Redwoods they look like.

Found a fish, washington state quarter with trout leaping on back, 2007. But the condition is worn, so it is not worth saving. It is indeed the fish that got away this month. Will hope for the one that got away next month. Good luck sifting your change.

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