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Cohen Media Group offers a trio of frights, laughs and forbidden love

Dougray Scott and pal: Is the last station death?
Dougray Scott and pal: Is the last station death?
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A trio of wonders from the Cohen Media Group . . .

Cohen offers us, as well as a handful of passengers on a speeding London commuter train, hang on for our lives in the gripping thriller Last Passenger, "redolent of both Hitchcock and such high-octane action pictures as Speed and Unstoppable" (The Hollywood Reporter). Dougray Scott stars as a London doctor and single dad on his way home one night on the high-speed train with his son. He is startled and confused when the train whizzes past his stop---and becomes increasingly desperate to save himself and his mysterious fellow passengers as the train hurtles out of control, without a conductor or brakes but apparently controlled by someone looking to wreak havoc.

Awarded the Special Jury Prize at the 41st Venice International Film Festival, absurdist comedy Favorites of the Moon, with its sprawling cast of crooks, thieves, anarchists, prostitutes, chief inspectors, art dealers and inventors, calls to mind the bustling tapestries of Robert Altman. The story revolves around two objects, a rare set of 18th-century Limoges china (check eBay) and a 19th century aristocratic portrait. As these items are passed, sold or stolen from one character to another, a giddy round dance of excess begins to take shape, one which suggests that if history doesn't repeat itself, it certainly rhymes. Together with co-writer Gérard Brach, Otar Iosseliani uses a feather-light touch to expose the futility of class and social order, making a bagatelle of the concerns of rich and poor alike.

Cohen Media Group's last offering: A bored and restless married man finds his emotional life rekindled by the arrival of a young soul mate in the exquisite new drama Breathe In. The film is an intense drama about forbidden love, the stunning follow-up to writer-director Drake Doremus' award-winning Like Crazy. The new film stars Like Crazy's Felicity Jones, the rising young actress acclaimed for The Invisible Woman and The Tempest, SAG Award winner Guy Pearce and Academy Award nominee Amy Ryan.
Middle-aged high school music teacher Keith Reynolds (Pearce) lives a comfortable if unexciting life in a suburb north of New York City with his wife Megan (Ryan) and teenage daughter Lauren (Mackenzie Davis). Keith is an accomplished cellist but he can't seem to progress beyond being a substitute player in a New York orchestra. However, he is reenergized when teenage British exchange student and piano prodigy Sophie (Jones) comes to stay with the family. The mutual attraction between teacher and student is immediate---despite the fact that Sophie is the same age as Lauren. When Keith and Sophie's shared passion for music progresses to passion for each other, the forbidden relationship threatens to destroy everything Keith and his family have created together.