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Cohabitation replacing dating phase

Cohabitation Replacing Dating

Many people are in the rush to find that perfect someone and live their lives, while others move a lot slower in taking their time appreciating what life has to offer them rather than settling or rushing through life.

Dating is an enjoyable and non-enjoyable part of life. It can be the best when getting to know people that will change your life, but it can be hell when dealing with the crazies out there. There are people that force themselves to date to put themselves out there, move on from a past relationship, or just as a hobby. There are some people out there that find common ground and run with it, playing out the future together, and moving things a little too fast. What happens when this takes place? You've skipped a step!!

A lot of couples out there do not want to waste their time dating for years, but if they feel like they've got the 'magic', move things along pretty quickly. The dating phase of a relationship is a very critical part. It shows the patience you have to see where it is going, and logically and realistically look at everything about it. Jumping in with both feet, and moving in together fast, regardless of how intense the connection is, is not always the best solution. You might end up paying for it later. Not that it's a bad decision, but you have to weigh everything. The "What Ifs" such as, can you trust this person to split the bills with you? What if you have a fight; will he or she leave and not do their part? What if a break up happens? Who gets what, and what are the terms then? Is it a good step with how long you have been together and how serious you feel about each other?

Many people out there stick by the traditional stance about not living together until you are married. Not that anyone doesn't still do that, but a lot more people are more open to the idea of living together before marriage due to the divorce ratios in both categories. People are scared that they won't know what they signed up for until they test out living together, while others want that new living together feeling once they've actually tied the knot, proving they can make it through anything and everything as a married couple. There are success stories from both sides, but studies have been done, yet not everyone wants to listen to the statistics and base their outcome on that because every relationship and situation is unique.

Take your time and don't rush through life. Just take time to think things over, and not feel rushed into any certain situation regardless of who you're dating, and what life has thrown your way. Appreciate life and especially while you're young.


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