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Coghopper offers a pleasant mobile diversion

Coghopper offers a casual puzzle game experience with a steampunk twist. A player must guide a small ball to the top of each level. She must avoid falling into the water as she races to the ceiling.

Coghopper, despite its simple design, does not offer the complexity of Tetris. It will not spark imitators, even though it costs nothing to download it from the Google Play Market or the Apple App store. As with many mobile game, a player can gain an advantage by using micro transactions.

While the game's backgrounds are impressive, the average person will not return for its artwork. She will come back for the challenge each puzzle offers. Even though Coghopper's premise is simple, it offers enough variety to keep users interested. One feature increases the game's overall difficulty. Timed bursts of steam come from exposed pipes. These bursts can drastically change the direction of the sprite.

Coghopper uses a standard a touch-screen interface. It does not rely on complicated controls. Most people can learn how to to control the sprite within a few seconds of starting the game.

While this puzzle game may not make its way onto the list of all-time classics, it has earned a permanent spot on the Terre Haute PC Gaming Examiner's android tablet. It is a great game to play during a lunch break. Coghooper earns three out of five stars. The player just needs to turn off its background noise.

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