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Coffees of Hawaii: an inside look

Cherries from inside the plantation itself!
Cherries from inside the plantation itself!
Coffees of Hawaii

You might be wondering to yourself, "how can Coffees of Hawaii be my local plantation?" The truth is that Hawaii is the only state in the U.S. that grows coffee.

Once a week I will be writing about a United States coffee plantation or roaster. Interesting as it is, this coffee company is both. Coffees of Hawaii does everything from picking the cherry to mailing your beans right to your front door.

I was on the phone Monday afternoon with the plantation manager, Maria Holmes, who was very welcome to informing me all about how the plantation works. Coffees of Hawaii has been a company since 1988 and had their first crop come out in 1993. Since then, they have put together a large number of varieties of coffee for you to buy, of which most if not all the work is done by their plantation.

Maria stated that many of the coffee growers sell their beans to other roasters who then sell them at their shops. At Coffees of Hawaii, you can take a full tour of their facilities and even get a free bag of coffee on the way out. If you'd like you could even get something at their espresso bar right at the plantation.

Tuesday morning I tried their Malulani Estate beans. The scent was not disappointing when I opened the bag, ground my beans, and took my first sip. If you are looking for gourmet coffee, for your at home use, this bag is well worth trying. It is described very well on the Coffees of Hawaii website, and would be a relaxing addition to your morning routine.