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Coffee you can find for less

Whole beans for less!
Whole beans for less!
Keith A. Little

So you are the average brewer. You're not all that fancy with the drinks you like. You want "coffee" flavored coffee. You don't like Folger's coffee because it doesn't taste as good say, starbucks coffee beans, so you purchase whole beans at your local grocery store or coffee shop. This article is for you.

A Costco membership costs you about $50 down, unless you go with the executive membership. A two to three pound bag of coffee at Costco will cost you around $13 at Costco. Most other places in the community, you would find a one pound bag for about the same price, $13.

If you buy at five bags of coffee from Costco over the next year of your Costco membership, you will have already saved yourself money. This leaves you open to buy other things for less at Costco as well, which you would normally buy for more at the regular store.

Now if you are a regular morning coffee drinker, you will probably buy at least 12 of these bags a year, which is fantastic because after buying five bags, now you are saving your good hard earned money every morning when you brew.

For more information on how to get a Costco membership in your community, visit Costco's Website.