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Coffee, Tea and Tulips announces a unique, delicious Mother's Day weekend menu

Soupe Pistou, a delicious soup created for the special Mother's Day Tea Service  at Coffee Tea and Tulips
Soupe Pistou, a delicious soup created for the special Mother's Day Tea Service at Coffee Tea and Tulips
Edward Simon

Mother's Day is coming up on May 11 and the Examiner today got a chance to discuss the menu with Artiste Michael Versace Samawi, the creative genius behind the food at Mission Viejo's Coffee, Tea and Tulips. The Chef brought out several of the menu items to view and taste that he has created for this upcoming holiday weekend.

The Mother's Day Special Tea Service will include this delicious second course as part of a three course offering
Edward Simon

Artiste Michael said, “The concept behind the Mother's Day weekend menu goes back to the roots of mother and child in the Middle East. If we believe that civilization came from the Middle East, then it's quite apparent that honoring the mother and child is a great way for that. If you look at the choice of art for this year, it's Mother and Child, by an Iraqi artist, Jewad Selim. This I believe was from the '50's or 60's. This is not recent art. He was educated, He went to Europe to be trained and then he came back; a very creative man”.

He continued, “That also extends into the dishes that were chosen. Typically, very Mediterranean, very Middle Eastern, borrowing a little from Moroccan and Jewish roots and some Passover foods too. Vegetarian, Mediterranean, a nice mix of flavors, these are some older recipes that are kind of updated for this New Age that we live in”.

The Mother's Day menu will be in three courses, each designed to pamper the palate in different ways. The first course consists of an herb-scented Hedysarum Water to refresh and stimulate the palate, with a pot of loose-leaf tea and a Strawberry-Basil-Mint Scone.

The second course of this vegetarian, tasty but healthy meal, consists of a Soupe Pistou, based upon the famous vegetable soup from Nice, France. Accompanying the second course will be a Green Vegetable Pashttidah, a Moroccan Jewish casserole with potato, matzo, spinach and asparagus with a Feta cheese aioli.

Along with that, a flavorful Salad d'Aleppo, dedicated to the city of Aleppo, Syria, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The dates of first occupation of Aleppo have been put at anywhere from the 6th to the 3rd Millennium BC. The salad features kale, spinach, a delicious roasted green wheat and a Pomegranate Molasses Vinaigrette.

The final course will bring a delightful duo of sweets to the table. A Jallab Shooter is a delicious date and carob drink. To satisfy Mother's sweet tooth, there will be Lebanese Baklava Fingers.

Artiste Michael is passionate about bringing out his best for all the mothers. “We should always honor each person, regardless of holiday or what the card companies have said, fathers, mothers, children, Christmas should be every day! But it seems like we've all gotten together to honor mom on this one day of the year. And let's face it, if you watch any mother, she is the hardest working person in the family. It depends on how the balance of work and home is and who brings home the bacon, but in the end, mother puts up with the child for nine months inside her womb and then there is taking care of that child after birth”.

He finished, saying, “There is the feeding, the changing; there are so many aspects of child care that the father cannot do as well because of the nature of the mother giving birth to a child. So we need to give honor and respect to mothers, but let's not forget about the fathers that are pampering those mothers as they are going through the time they are going through, birthing children”.

This special Mothers Day Weekend Tea Service with be available Saturday, May 10 and Sunday, May 11. Seating times on both days are 10am, 12pm and 2pm. Reservations are highly suggested due to the popularity of this special weekend and can be obtained by calling the Coffee, Tea and Tulips Worldly Tea Bistro at (949) 587-998 or emailing them at

Coffee Tea and Tulips

A Worldly Tearoom and International Cafe

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