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Coffee sleeper has awoken: Life is good brings two delicious new roasts

Have you had the chance to enjoy Life is good?
Have you had the chance to enjoy Life is good?
Life is good

As someone who has a trained palate in the realm of coffee tasting, we had the chance to discover two of Life is good's newest coffee blends, Dark and Daring and Happy Medium.

To start off with the Happy Medium blend that we had the chance to sample, the body of Happy Medium is adequately created for a medium roast. Life is good nailed the consistency and feel for this.

The aroma is probably one of the most exciting parts about drinking a good cup of coffee and Happy Medium did exceptionally well with this category.

It's seems to have a bit of a sharp bite shortly after you've taken a sip and was a bit surprising to say the least. We were expecting a bit more friendly result when taking our first sip, and that's probably one of the only complaints in this first blend.

The finish also tends to go hand-in-hand with the acidity we just mentioned. While the finish isn't a complete joy to experience, it does leave you with a nice, lingering result once the initial bite has left your palate.

Finally, the flavour of Happy Medium is well balanced and leaves drinkers with a very nice, long-term after taste. Overall, Happy Medium is a great choice for medium roast drinkers, but beware of the bite that will be present in your experience.

Next up is our favorite, Dark and Daring. This blend of coffee is absolutely fantastic in all phases and really has given us a new roast to enjoy. One of the biggest victories we experienced with Dark and Daring is the acidity. There wasn't any bite to this roast and after trying the Happy Medium, Dark and Daring was that much better.

Dark and Daring is a full-bodied, delicious blend and really, it's not your typical dark roast in that it isn't an overwhelmingly strong in taste and flavour. It's actually the perfect balance in taste for us and you can check off the flavour box with that.

Aroma was yet another positive experience for us and we thoroughly enjoyed the pre-sip smell and scent of Dark and Daring. The finish is well balanced and enjoyable. There's not much about this brew to dislike and we recommend it to dark, medium and light roast drinkers.

Looking at the entire product that Dark and Daring delivered, it's an exceptional roast and is one we would add to our daily coffee drinking in a heartbeat. It's not your typical dark roast and that is what makes it so enjoyable.

The company recently came out with five new blends in total and the other three that we did not review were Light Hearted, S'more to Love and Banana Bread Bliss.

Life is good is working to bring back the 15-minute coffee break that so many of us have skipped to get back to work or whatever we're doing during the day. Personally, this resonates loudly as it's often a refill of coffee and back to work.

While you may not be able to take 15-minutes each time to fill up your coffee, you should use this as a reminder to take a deep breath during the day, sip some delicious coffee and allow your brain to have a brief moment's break from the constant go, go, go.

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