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Coffee's not just a beverage anymore – Lavazza partners with Ferran Adrià

Coffee caviar. Looks good enough to eat!
Coffee caviar. Looks good enough to eat!

You’ve heard of designer coffee. Today, the world’s gone way beyond that idea. Today, it’s all about coffee designs and creations. Think coffee caviar. Think coffee (literally) coffee cake. Think orange syrup in your coffee. Think edible espresso. Think endless creativity.

It began when two forces met: Lavazza, Italy’s favorite coffee company, and Ferran Adrià, formerly executive chef at elBulli, the restaurant in Roses (Spain) that was twice named best in the world, and now, the chief innovation officer at elBulli Foundation (click the EN for the English version). Adrià says that before he connected with Lavazza, coffee was simply something they served at elBulli in the conventional way at the end of the meal.

Chef Adria began his innovation adventure in coffee when he visited Turin in 2000 and tasted recipes created by the Lavazza Training Centre team. His curiosity about the Team’s experiments led to a working partnership with Lavazza that’s still going strong today.

…New techniques, new concepts and new ways of tasting coffee have come to light thanks to the research and experiments conducted at the laboratories in Barcelona and Turin, where an international "task force" made up of chefs and technicians, supported by the experience of Lavazza, has overcome all the hurdles - large and small. Together, we have revolutionised coffee-based products, a sector that has always been wary of innovation. Anything that contributes to progress in the food world is a great source of personal joy and satisfaction.”

~ Ferran Adrià

With a 46% share of the retail market in Italy and distributors and subsidiaries in more than 90 countries around the world, Lavazza has a formidable business presence. In spite of its giant size, the Lavazza family welcomed this collaboration with Adrià, as well as with other top chefs like Carlo Cracco, and with designers, confectioners, marketing and PR managers. Despite high odds, they began to transform food design to include coffee design.

…As soon as you move away from the classic formats, you encounter many obstacles: you have to prevent oxidation, reduce acidity and create stability in the product. More than a century of know-how dedicated exclusively to coffee, and the research undertaken by our Training Centre over the past twenty years, have been essential in solving these rather tricky problems. Lavazza has quickly established itself as an absolute leader in the field of coffee design - a doctrine that essentially did not exist ten years ago. It was all based on creativity, but to transform the creative process into a real project, teamwork was needed.

~ Giuseppe Lavazza

I visited the Lavazza Café at Eataly Chicago recently and was amazed at the coffee creations on the menu. But apparently that’s only the beginning. Based on what’s going on now, we’re all in for some amazing new treats-to-come from this innovative partnership.

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