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Coffee, espresso and chocolate, oh, my – Lavazza comes to Eataly Chicago

If you’re a coffee aficionado – and you know who you are – I hardly have to tell you anything beyond the fact that Lavazza, Italy’s most prominent coffee maker (a family-owned business since 1895), has opened another of its cafés at the huge new Eataly, 43 W. Ohio in Chicago. Their list of fabulous espresso and coffee drinks is extensive. And OMG do they know how to make hot chocolate. Plus you can buy their products to take home. Italian passion in every cup! – right in your own kitchen.

Oh, the joys of coffee and chocolate with whipped cream!
Barbara Payne

The Lavazza café at Eataly is on the first floor – a long winding counter welcomes you to peruse the wall-mounted menus and inhale the rich aromas. You’ll be reminded of the company’s commitment to sustainability with all the photos of its coffee-growing partner plantations in Honduras, Peru, Columbia, India, Brazil and Tanzania. They brand one of their coffees as ¡Tierra! and you can buy it at Eataly. Watch for seminars and workshops on various aspects of the world of coffee; Eataly makes a perfect venue for sharing the joy in and knowledge of gourmet espresso, coffee and chocolate possibilities.

You can get Lavazza products in other Chicago locations, 111 W. Jackson Blvd., 27 W. Washington St., 162 E. Ohio, and more. But none will provide the excitement you’ll experience at the Eataly location. There’s a synergy between the two Italian companies – a strong commitment to spreading the joy and enjoyment of Italian food and drink - and we’re lucky to have this partnership blooming in our fabulous Chicago downtown.

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