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Coffee among most lucrative grocery products to sell on Amazon

Find local coffees and sell on for a profit.

Did you know you can make money on Amazon selling groceries and gourmet food found in your local grocery store? More and more resellers are flocking to Amazon to sell all kinds of products, and grocery is a niche gaining popularity fast. Many sellers like the grocery category because items can be replenished easily, customers buy multiples, and thousands of new products hit the grocery shelves year so it never gets boring. For newer sellers just starting to sell groceries on Amazon, coffee is an easy hassle-free product to sell.

Americans love their coffee and buy it in many forms from the grocery store including whole bean, ground, instant, single serving K-cups, capsules, and even tea-bag style. Take a good look at the coffee aisle at the grocery store and pay attention to the overwhelming number of brands, flavors, types, and caffeine levels. Amazon currently shows 88,000 offerings for coffee in the grocery and gourmet food category. Only 12,000 are eligible for Prime, which leaves 76,000 offerings that third-party sellers could sell on Amazon. Imagine going to your grocery store, buying an oddball flavor of ground coffee for $9 a bag, and selling it on Amazon for two or three times that price. That is how many resellers are making a part-time or full-time living these days.

Amazon has over 16 million Prime buyers who are loyal to the marketplace. These Prime customers often check Amazon for a product before looking anywhere else because they enjoy the convenience of 2-day home delivery and the excellent customer service. 83% of Americans drink coffee, or 259 million people. That is a lot of cups of coffee every day! Perhaps there is some coffee sitting in a grocery store near you that an Amazon Prime customer would pay a premium for. Learn about the Amazon FBA Program to find out how to cash in on this profitable product niche.

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