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Coffee in American culture, a snapshot of a Denver roaster and coffee shop

Interior view of Nixon's Coffee House
Interior view of Nixon's Coffee House
Photo by: Caren Martinez

Coffee shops in America are just as common as gas stations nowadays. You can find one on almost any major street corner. There are people who rely on their daily fix of coffee to get them through the day. Some people take their cafesito con leche, an espresso and others—the ‘hardcore coffee drinkers’, would be probably lean more toward a coffee IV than a Kuerig machine.

Mind you not everyone drinks coffee but it’s greatly made an impact economically and socially. What has made coffee such an integral part of the American culture?

According to Brian Clark Howard from National Geographic:

• Coffee is the 2nd most highly traded commodity next to petroleum
• The consumption of coffee houses grew 450% during the 1920-1930’s in the years following WWI
• The 1970’s were the birth of specialty coffee houses, like Starbucks that opened in Seattle in that year
• 1995- present the consumption of coffee has increased to 700%

In recent years there has been a shift in supporting local business. People want to know where their food comes from. That is no different for coffee. Many reasons being: a sustainable coffee practice, buying locally is good for the environment, supporting local business make an economic impact in the surrounding communities, etc.

With Starbucks being a corporate giant in the coffee industry, there has also been an increase of locally owned and operated coffee houses, right here in Denver.

Andrew and Mark Melnick of Kaladi Coffee Roasters in Denver believe coffee should be, ‘… sourcing the highest quality coffee beans from farmers who demonstrate sustainable growing practices and respect workers’ rights…’. ‘Most mass marketed coffee is blended coffee. The reason coffee roasters blend coffee is to create a consistency of flavor and cover up inferior quality coffees. At Kaladi Brothers Coffee we strive to create blends that are greater than their sum parts.’

Coffee shops like Nixon’s Coffee House use Kaladi coffee as their local roaster. They also feature specialty teas from Boulder, CO. Nixon’s is locally owned and operated coffee house nestled in busier area of Englewood, CO. They have great tasting pastries that are made in house daily. A personal recommend would be their Slice of life bread with a Thin mint green tea latte.

They also feature local artwork that is for sale, something you wouldn't find at a coffee chain. Nixon’s has a relaxed and welcoming vibe, perfect spot for a game of checkers or quiet place to read your morning paper.

Support Denver's local business. Oh, and be sure to tip your barista.

For more information:

Nixon’s Coffee House
871 Englewood Parkway
Englewood, CO 80110

Phone: 303.504.5224
Monday - Friday 6:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday- Sunday 6:00 am – 7:00 pm

Kaladi Coffee Roasters
1730 E. Evans Ave, Denver, CO 80210
Phone: 720.570.2166

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