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'Coed Killer' movie: Ed Kemper true story

based on a true story

Ed Kemper Case:"Coed Killer" aka "Kemper" is a 2008 horror movie based on the true story of serial killer Ed Kemper. The horror flick is directed by Rich Bitzelberger and written by Jack Perez. (Cast stars: Christopher Stapleton, Sean Thomas and Robert Sisko.

"Kemper" synopsis/plot

When two killings with a similar pattern occur in a college town in less than 48 hours police deduce the victims were dumped after being killed in another location. Detectives follow the clues that lead to a well-known person in the community. A frightening account of one of the worst serial killer cases in America, according to the Independent.

The true story that inspired the movie is based on a California serial killer from the 1970's. According to court records, Edmund Kemper aka Ed Kemper killed 10 people, including six hitchhikers in Santa Cruz. He also murdered his own mother and his grandparents. Known as "Big Ed," Kemper stood 6 ft 9 inches tall. He is known as the "Co-ed Killer."

The "Co-ed Killer" was sentenced to life in prison in 1973. Today, Ed Kemper is still incarcerated in a California correctional facility.

The movie "Murder At My Door" was also loosely inspired by this case.

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