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Cody, Wyoming: Irma's Restaurant & Grill for Prime Rib

The Irma Hotel in Cody, Wyoming, built in 1902 by Buffalo Bill Cody, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places by the National Park Service. Today, it is considered to be the historical center of the town that Buffalo Bill built back in 1895.

Photo of Buffalo Bill Cody from a picture that hangs in the Buffalo Bill Museum of the West
Karin Leperi
Sign marking entrance to Irma's Restaurant
Karin Leperi

The Irma Hotel was named after Buffalo Bill's youngest daughter Irma, who died in the year 1918, a little over a year after he died. Some say Irma died from a broken heart over losing her beloved father. However, her death certificate lists pneumonia as the cause, probably a complication of the worldwide influenza epidemic of 1918.

Nowadays, most out-of-towners don’t consider their visit complete without a hearty meal at the famous Irma's Restaurant & Grill. Standard Wyoming fare (meat & potatoes) is served to a usually crowded dining area. While waiting for your table, be sure to check out the famous cherry wood bar, one of the most photographed places in town. Reputedly, the bar was a gift given by Queen Victoria to Buffalo Bill.

Word is that the restaurant is famous for its Prime Rib: Irma’s specialty cuts can be ordered from the menu and include an 8 oz. Cody Cut, 10 oz. Irma Cut, 12 oz. Western Cut, and the king-size Buffalo Bill Cut at 16 oz. Whatever size you order, all are accompanied by a choice of potato, garlic toast, and salad. Or you can enjoy the famous Irma Prime Rib Buffet which is served daily from 5-9 pm daily, from May–September. During winter, the buffet hours are Friday and Saturday from 5:30–8:30 pm.