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Cody Simpson singing on ‘Dancing With the Stars’? Pop star amazes fans

Cody Simpson had a very special segment on "Dancing With the Stars" on Monday night. Not only did he dance, but he kicked of his portion of the show standing in the audience and serenading his dance professional partner Sharna Burgess. The moment was quite charming and it offered a different aspect to the switch up week. Plus it was a national platform where fans who haven’t heard him sing yet got the chance to experience his music.

The Foxtrot that Cody Simpson maneuvered on the ballroom floor definitely was divine. Keeping in perfect step with his new dance partner and making his moves look flawless, the fans couldn't help but to be compelled to watch as he moved effortlessly. It was the new partner helped his moves and gave everyone a chance to see just how good he can dance.

While Cody Simpson will return with his original partner Witney Carson next week, it is safe to say that there is little chance he will be going home. The fans have been voting for the teen pop star and he has brought in decent scores every week. Cody Simpson keeps improving his footwork too!

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