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Coconut oil & coffee: Insane or insanely good?

Coffee lovers unite
Coffee lovers unite
by Ruth Hornby Photography, Getty Images

Word around the streets is that there is a new craze with putting coconut oil into your coffee? Crazy or amazing? Well, studies have shown that adding coconut oil in your coffee is actually extremely beneficial. If you're already drinking 1-2 cups in the morning a day, coconut oil can add that extra boost in the A.M. and jump start you in the right direction. The combination of the two ingredients results in higher alertness, more focus, boosts your metabolism, and can even aid in weight loss.

Still not a believer? Well, here's how it works! The ingredients in coconut oil is made up primarily of medium chain fatty acids. By ingesting coconut oil, your body reduces its need for glucose production by not storing fat. These fatty acids, which are processed by the liver, help produce ketones that are essential to your body for energy and metabolism.

Now that we know the health benefits and that it works, you're probably wondering how it tastes? Coconut oil has a very mild flavor and does not overwhelm the aroma of the coffee. Try it for yourself! It's as simple as stirring in 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in your hot coffee! You can get creative and add vanilla, half and half, milk, and so on! The possibilities are endless and the health benefits are exponential!