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Coconut Oil benefits


When you think of coconuts, you probably have visions of sitting on a warm, sandy beach baking under the searing rays of the sun, with a pina colada in your hand!  Most people in this part of the world have no idea of the anti aging benefits this tropical fruit provides.

The benefits of coconut oil largely depend on the quality; therefore, always seek virgin coconut oil (organic, if you can afford it). What is virgin coconut oil (VCO)? Virgin coconut oil, like virgin olive oil, is cold pressed and processed without heat or chemicals. VCO retains the nutritional properties and taste of coconuts; you may even find flecks of brown from the shell.

Now that you have the background on the oil, you’re probably wondering how you can use it for beauty, right? Coconut oil is wonderful for the skin, but remember, a little goes a LONG way. The oil absorbs very quickly into skin and the EFA’s (essential fatty acids) and natural vitamin E keeps the skin supple and wrinkles at bay. The EFA’s are awesome for improving skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis. VCO heals skin (first aid for cuts or cracks in the skin); its astounding healing abilities are attributed to its anti-viral and anti-microbial properties, which create a protective barrier on the skin. Dry, thirsty hair? VCO is the only oil that penetrates the hair shaft; most other oils only coat the shaft. VCO as a hot oil treatment before you wash your hair helps keep hair supple, reducing breakage and gives your mane a brilliant shine. Coconut oil massaged into your scalp also encourages hair growth - added bonus.

Fabulous hair and skin can be achieved naturally using nature’s elixir - Virgin Coconut Oil. Try some today, you’ll be happy that you did.