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Coconut Oil, a cure for stupid

Well, it's helping everything else!

In a hurry?  Or willing to respect your health and take care of it.

Yes, it's a wee bit of sarcasm...but only a wee bit.

Nutrition and healthy fats, play a big role in brain health, and so...the addition of coconut oil could feed a starving brain! Eh?

If you Google Coconut Oil, you'll see a myriad of results! Books are being written as you read this, praising the miraculous benefits people are getting.

We are dried out! We are full of chemicals and pesticides and poisons we either inhale or digest each and every day! Baby wipes with Petroleum bases clog our cells from infancy, and that old baby oil we slathered on to tan? Ditto! Petroleum based cell clogging, garbage!

Testimonials of disease regression, total cures, Alzheimer's slowing, and Parkinson's relief, and hair regrowth! warrant further investigation; to say the least.

Some may remember the Vitamin E enthusiasm of the 70's and 80's; well Coconut Oil is a food source of internal conditioning and lubrication; much like the benefits of Vitamin E and it's claims.

It's not at all difficult to eat a teaspoon of it, and if a serious diagnosis came along... you'd be a fool not to try something so simple and readily available as Coconut Oil. Seriously though...prevention is such a better plan! Start using it, before 'a diagnosis'.

We have no problem harming our health, but prevention seems like a foreign concept to so many?

Whether you rub it on your skin, brush your teeth with it, or use it as a love making enhancement, Coconut Oil is not to be ignored. Everyone is talking about it, and the testimonials are accumulating!

Google it! I dare you! Let's not get started on the benefits to children's diets!

Healthy fats, feed the Brain!

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