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Cocktails and free pizza: welcome to Bella Marri's happy hour

 A hidden gem of happy hour is located in a swanky Italian restaurant, Bella Marri's. What appears to be an atypical family restaurant, in fact has drink and food specials perfect for those cocktailing on a tight  budget.

With every drink ordered, a complimentary slice of delicious pizza is accompanied. Therefore, dinner and drinks are spent with the same dime. What's even more fascinating with this facility, is they offer free limousine services to local Anaheim residents (parties of four or more) and resort area hotels. Essentially, patrons could arrive to happy hour feeling like a celebrity, but with out spending a lot of money.

Bella Marri's specials include the following: $3.50 per glass of house wine, $1 off well drinks and beers--including the 24 oz. size--and all appetizers are half off. The menu of appetizers includes seafood, salads, fried mozzarella sticks and breads.

The vibe of the bar is sleek and mellow. It was not very crowded, making Bella Marri's perfect for a quiet and relaxed occasion with friends, families or lovers.

Although the place is classy and projects intimacy, it lacks the fun factor that some may desire for happy hour. Since it is a family restaurant, there is no dance floor or DJ.

On this visit, it was frustrating, because the pizza being served was strictly pepperoni and a cheese pizza was never cooked, although it was noted cheese was preferred. 

It is a great place to be cozy, possibly arrive in a limo to drink and eat yummy food--all at affordable prices! 

Bella Marri's  20 S. Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, CA 92805, (714)  991-9700 



  • nikki 5 years ago

    i'm going to check this place out!

  • Jamie 5 years ago

    Drinks and free a limo, sounds good to me!!

  • Kellie 5 years ago

    stoked about the limo. I need to try this place!!

  • Jeff 5 years ago

    Reading this article makes me want to visit this place. Maybe a date night out. Awesome! Thanks

  • Daniel 5 years ago

    This reviewer knows her stuff...

  • julie 5 years ago

    Hell yeah i'm there yummy!!!!

  • misty 5 years ago

    she convinced on my way :)

  • Tammy 5 years ago

    Great article! Convinced me to check it out :-)

  • Kathi 5 years ago

    I checked this place out last nite, you were right. Keep the great tips coming...

  • Brett 5 years ago

    WoW!!!! what a deal can't wait to see where the next good happy hour is!!! I'm bringing my date here tonight thanx

  • Chrystal 5 years ago

    Wow that sounds like a great place to make plans for!! I can look amazing and be my cheap self =D very nice!! thanx for the great review.

  • Projekt 5 years ago Who knew this place even existed. Got to check it out.