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Cocktail ingredients Utah update – March 2014

The Campari Olé cocktail will put that Tequila to good use!
J. Mathews

When Utahans walk into the Utah DABC State Liquor Stores in March, they will be excited to see that sale tags are more in evidence than they have been during the last couple of months. The number of marked down items has increased from January and February lows into the “above average” range. The number of items on SPA (Special Price Adjustment) rose from around 230 last month to over 440 in March. Cocktailians who have been waiting to stock their bars will see that this is an opportunity. Quite a few quality cocktail ingredients are available this month, so get ready for some great cocktails.

The UDABC didn’t forget about you Tequila lovers this month. There are 16 Tequilas on SPA with plenty of Platas and Reposados. My favorites range from El Jimador to Herradura; and there are four different 1800’s marked down, too. Leave your credit card at home... it’s Margarita time. Rum seems to have been overlooked this month. If you like Dark Rums, Mount Gay Eclipse Barbados Rum is marked down over 15% to $17, try it in a Rum Old Fashioned, but that’s about it for Rums.

If you need some Gin, my favorite “economy Gin”, New Amsterdam (CS# 031475), is marked down 13% from $15 to $13 (try it in a Tom Collins). If you have an open bottle of sparkling wine but you’re in the mood for something a little stronger than a Champagne cocktail, try a French 75 – a reliable champagne (and Gin) cocktail that is sure to have just the kick you need. If you’re more into Vodka Martinis, Tito’s Handmade is marked down 15% to $17 this month.

If you enjoy Bourbons, selections this month range from Jack Daniels Black Label (down 8% to $23) to Blanton Single Barrel (down 5% to $53). If you want to make a very good Manhattan, or perhaps a Boulevardier, try some Woodford Reserve ($30) or Ridgemont Reserve 1792 ($29). This month you might want to stock up on your favorite Liqueurs. Liqueurs like Underground Herbal Spirit ($25) and Frangelico ($23) are on sale, and also an excellent Triple Sec substitute that works well in Margaritas: Gran Gala Orange Liqueur (14% to $19).

As to any other sale or clearance items, if you see anything at your local state store that other cocktailians might enjoy, post a response to this article. See the following list “Suggested by the author” for information on how to use the Utah DABC website. You can check out what else is on sale (e.g. the wines etc.) by clicking through to the “SPA Product List” to open a price book in PDF format that shows all of the markdowns for the current month.

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