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Cocktail Day: 35 classic and creative cocktails recipes - cheers

If an ice-cold cocktail sounds pretty good to you right about now, go grab your biggest glass! Hip hip hooray - March 24 is National Cocktail Day!

Happy Cocktail Day:  Celebrate with 35 Classic & Creative Cocktail Recipes
Happy Cocktail Day: Celebrate with 35 Classic & Creative Cocktail Recipes
Jen Carmack
Celebrate Cocktail Day with 35 Classic & Creative Cocktails:  Cheers!

National Cocktail Day

Cocktails are drinks typically comprised of wine or a distilled beverage (such as whiskey, brandy, vodka, rum, or tequila) and mixed with other tasty ingredients such as cream, soda, liqueurs, fruit, juices, honey, beer, etc. Whether you enjoy one before, during or after dinner, with a few of your favorite friends or during a romantic evening with that special someone, today's cocktails are available in all sorts of refreshing and tasty flavors.

This annual holiday, created by cocktail enthusiast Jace Shoemaker-Galloway, not only celebrates the ginormous variety of cocktails, but also encourages folks to create their own original concoction and share it with others.

From the classic to the creative, National Cocktail Day is the perfect day to kick back and unwind with a favorite cocktail or two. Whether you prefer yours shaken or stirred, on the rocks or frozen, why not celebrate with one or two of the cocktail recipes listed below? And as always, please drink responsibly.

35 Cocktail Recipes

  • Jack and Coke - This classic drink calls for two ingredients - Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey and Coca-Cola.
  • Gin and Tonic - You'll need gin, tonic water and a lime wedge for this one.
  • Rob Roy - This classic cocktail requires Scotch, sweet vermouth, bitters and a twist of lemon.
  • Bloody Mary - Kick things up a notch with this 5-star cocktail from Emeril Lagasse.
  • Tolstoi Stoli Bloody Mary – This Bloody Mary is actually served frozen.
  • Perfect Gin Martini - This top-rated drink calls for dry gin, dry vermouth, olives or twist of lemon and ice.
  • Fresh Whiskey Sour - This 5-star recipe, from Ina Garten, calls for Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, sugar syrup, Maraschino cherries and freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice.
  • White Russian - This classic drink calls for vodka, coffee liqueur and light cream.
  • Black Russian – This popular favorite calls for just two ingredients – coffee liqueur and vodka over ice.
  • Perfect Cosmopolitan - Carrie Bradshaw and the girls would love this perfect drink!
  • Screwdriver - This classic cocktail is simple to make. All you need is vodka and fresh orange juice.
  • Sonic Screwdriver - This green drink would be perfect for St. Patrick's Day. You need Blue Curacao, Blood Orange Vodka, orange juice and Red Bull.
  • Classic Martini - This recipe, from the folks at Mad Men, calls for gin, dry vermouth and green olives. Shake and pour into martini glasses.
  • Godiva Chocolate Martini - 'Nuff said!
  • S'mores Martini - You'll need Toasted Marshmallow Syrup, chocolate vodka and chocolate sauce for this rich martini drink.
  • Dirty Martini - You'll need gin, vermouth, olive juice and green olives stuffed with bleu cheese for this dirty drink.
  • Tom Collins - This classic cocktail calls for gin, sugar, fresh lemon juice and lemon slices.
  • Long Island Cocktail - This potent drink calls for tequila, gin, whiskey, white rum, vodka, sugar syrup, Coca-Cola and orange juice.
  • Sidecar - You'll need cognac, triple sec, fresh lemon juice and an orange slice for this drink.
  • Vodka Gimlet - This drink calls for vodka, lime juice and lime slices. Shake, strain and pour into a martini glass.
  • Sex on the Beach - This popular cocktail calls for vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry and orange juice. Pour in a highball glass over ice and you are good to go!
  • Bees Knees - This cocktail, which calls for gin, honey syrup and sweet and sour, really is the Bees Knees!
  • Sloe Gin Fizz - You'll need sloe gin, sugar and fresh lemon juice for this drink.
  • Classic Champagne Cocktail – You’ll need Champagne, bitters, a sugar cube and a lemon or orange twist for garnish.
  • Pink Squirrel - This pretty in pink drink calls for creme de noyaux, white creme de cacao and heavy cream.
  • Brandy Alexander - This drink calls for brandy, dark creme de cacao, nutmeg and cream.
  • Martha's Brandy Alexander - This recipe, from Martha Stewart, calls for brandy, heavy cream, Kahlua and ice.
  • Mint Julep - You don't have to go to the horse races or wear your biggest hat to enjoy this minty drink.
  • Pear and Cranberry Bellini – This festive drink has just three ingredients – pear nectar, cranberry juice cocktail and dry sparkling white wine or a bottle of Prosecco.
  • Banana Daiquiri - You'll need bananas, coconut milk, sugar, white rum, ice and lime juice for this 5-star recipe from Sandra Lee.
  • The Original Perfect Margarita – This recipe calls for triple sec, lime juice, lime slice, kosher salt, ice and tequila.
  • Beer Sangria - This recipe calls for wheat beer, vodka, white grape juice, seedless grapes, a red apple and an orange.
  • Frozen Beergaritas - Speaking of beer, this ice-cold beverage calls for silver tequila, fresh lime and orange juice, sugar, Kosher salt and Mexican pilsner.
  • Mama Mimosa - Besides OJ and Champagne or sparkling wine, this Mimosa version, from Stacy Slinkard, calls for fresh raspberries and orange liqueur.
  • Lazy Pina Colada Drink - This simple recipe only has 2 ingredients – coconut rum and ginger ale! Pour over ice and enjoy!

Cheers! And for even more beverage recipes, please visit:

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