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Cocker Spaniel Breeder in Littleton


Rina Stanley, Cocker Spaniel breeder

Rina's prize-winning Cocker, Dover.
Photo By: Evasuik Custom Design

Rina Stanley, owner and groomer at A Paw Spa in Littleton, is an expert breeder of Cocker Spaniels. Ever since Rina was a child, she has been drawn to Cocker Spaniels. This elegant breed encompasses top qualities in both show dogs and beloved pets: a loving demeanor, a clean bill of health, and an adoring personality.

Rina breeds her prize-winning Cockers in the Littleton area. Her two of-age bitches will typically provide two litters per year between them, and only do so as long as they are in a healthy state. Males are provided by another reputable breeder, and all parent dogs are AKC Certified.

Rina also has a male Cocker (Drover) who is a prize-winning show dog. Drover, otherwise known as CH M-N-M’s Far Away Downs, was featured in Cocker Classic Magazine. He has also recently won several Best of Breed recognitions and is well known for his excellent qualities and showmanship.

Rina chose to breed her top-of-the-line cockers to provide healthy purebreds for animal lovers. Purebred dogs from a reputable breeder carry with them benefits that many mixed breeds or rescue dogs cannot. When purchasing a purebred, one can fully understand the qualities and benefits of the breed, health records and history, and behavioral norms.

Interested in learning more about Rina’s cockers?
Visit her website at A Paw Spa Littleton.

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