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Cochran win will bring more to Libertarian Party

The 'good ole boy network' had another win last night, June 24, 2014 in Mississippi with liberal Republican incumbent Thad Cochran edging out conservative candidate Chris McDaniel. Cochran won Mississippi by promoting himself as a big spender in Washington, D.C. and reminding voters how many pork barrel projects he has brought to the state. Cochran beat McDaniel by just .4% of the vote and McDaniel may challenge the vote, however it is unclear how, as there is no method in Mississippi to conduct a recount in a runoff election. With 318,902 votes cast, Cochran won by a slim 1,418 votes. Cochran also had liberal forces behind him like billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

The Libertarian Party of Mississippi may benefit from the election as voters become disenchanted with the process and bring Republican conservatives to their party. Currently the state party only has two Congressional candidates running in 2014, Danny Bedwell and Joey Robinson. It will be interesting to see over the next two years how many Mississippi Republicans jump ship to the Libertarian Party, which is truly the only political party interested in seeing a reduction of taxes and the scope of government.

The Libertarian Party has been growing dramatically over the least few years as Americans become disgusted with both the Democratic and Republican parties and seek to find another political party to join more in line with their values. Cochran's win was the result of an aggressive campaign to inform Mississippi voters on his record of bringing home the bacon.

Thanks to Cochran, Mississippi is the number one state in the union that sucks tax dollars from the rest of the nation. From 2007-2009, Mississippi paid an average of $11.6 billion and received $31.27 billion of federal funding. Unfortunate for Mississippians, Cochran's largess only helps political insiders and not the state's general population. All this has many Mississippians scratching their heads wondering if there is a difference between the Republican and Democratic parties.

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