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Cocaine cookies Newark airport: Cocaine capsules inside, not like grandma makes

Cocaine Cookies confiscated at Newark Airport, they had cocaine capsules baked inside.
Cocaine Cookies confiscated at Newark Airport, they had cocaine capsules baked inside.
US Customs and Border Protection

It was a good try, but it didn't work and the U.S. Customs officers at Newark Airport did a great job finding cocaine capsules in the 118 chocolate cookies a man had in his luggage. The cookies were baked with each containing a capsule of cocaine, according to NewsMax on June 20.

Mauricio Isidro Rivera Hernandez from Guatemala came through Newark Airport with three bags of luggage and the chocolate cookies were found in all three bags. Right there was a clue, you're coming to the U.S. for a visit and you bring 10 dozen cookies with you as luggage?

Once the cocaine was extracted from the cookies it weighed in at about three pounds, having the street value of about $52,000. Food is a popular vessel for smuggling drugs into the country.

According to MSN News today, the man from Guatemala was handed over to the police department of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. For his confectionery vessels he faces state charges of narcotics smuggling.

Customs officers have seen drugs come in all shapes and sizes. They've found cocaine in a custard mix, a man came through customs with 18 pounds of a narcotic in the mix used to make custard last month. The month before authorities found seven pounds of narcotics inside frozen meat.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to drug mules trying to get drugs into by authorities globally. Baking cookies with cocaine pellets inside is one thing, but to actually have drugs surgically planted inside your body, now that's hard core.

People are creative when it comes to smuggling drugs and as USA Today reports, custom agents have found drugs on people who are used as drug mules as old as 82-years-old and kids as young as elementary school age. This is why there is no age limit on who the agents will search.

According to US News, last year a woman went through customs in Barcelona with her breasts bandaged up from a recently having breast implants. She was probably banking on the officers just letting her go through, but that didn't happen.

The woman was brought to a local hospital where doctors found that her breast implants were filled with cocaine, three pounds total in all. She came through customs with bloody bandages and because she was coming from Columbia, she drew attention from the customs officers.

Two women coming through customs with drugs weaved into their hair and under wigs was a different bust for customs. In Germany a man had seven pounds of cocaine stashed in his wooden leg. A man dressed as a woman had three pounds of cocaine stuffed in the fake butt of padded underwear.

One of the saddest and inhumane cases ever on the books was one coming out of Italy. These gang smugglers had 50 dogs, St. Bernards, Great Danes, Labradors and Mastiffs ingest three pounds of cocaine in capsules. Once they arrived, the dogs were killed and the drugs were taken out of their stomachs.

$17 million in cocaine was hidden in a giant frozen squid back in 2004. It left Peru headed for Mexico and the U.S., but this was foiled by custom agents.

An Ecuador drug ring soaked fake diplomas from a bogus scuba diving school in three pounds of liquid cocaine. The coke-soaked papers didn't get by customs, but they were some pretty costly diplomas!

These incidents just prove how astute customs agents world-wide have become in their war against drugs. Unfortunately for every drug intercepted, many do get by. Border agents and custom agents cannot possibly go over every piece of luggage and search every single person with a fine-tooth comb. That's what the drug smugglers are counting on.

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