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Cocaine backpacks: Tracking systems attached to floating backpacks

37 cocaine backpacks were found by Spanish authorities that contained 2,000 pounds of the substance after they were spotted floating off a beach near Valencia. The backpacks were tagged with tracking systems so smugglers would know where they were located. reports Feb. 4 that the instance was confirmed on the Civil Guard's website Tuesday. Traffickers were trying to move the cocaine from Malaga to Valencia.

The cocaine backpacks were dropped from a boat or other sailing vessel further out at sea. The criminals probably hoped they would get away with the smuggling effort, but a statement from police said "five Spaniards were arrested and 72,000 euros ($97,000) and jewelry confiscated." CNN reported that the confiscation also consisted of luxury watches, computer equipment, and phones.

It sounds like this smuggling attempt failed miserably for the drug traffickers.

This was quite a sophisticated operation in moving drugs across the sea. It is unknown how many are successful, but chances are it is a lot. Cocaine stuffed into backpacks meant less of a chance that the criminals would get caught, but police were able to seize the drugs this time and bust the traffickers.

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