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Cocaine backpacks: Elaborate plan of ocean waves delivering drugs is foiled

Cocaine in backpacks: Smugglers let the waves be the mules.
Cocaine in backpacks: Smugglers let the waves be the mules.
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Backpacks full of cocaine equipped with special floating devices have been confiscated by Spanish authorities. They scooped up the cocaine backpacks as they floated just below the water's surface, which was a pretty ingenious plan of smuggling, admits the Spanish authorities, according to CNN News on Feb. 4.

It's OK now for the smuggling tactics to be called creative and crafty because the Spanish authorities have outsmarted the drug smugglers. Spain's Civil Guard nabbed 37 backpacks that carried a total of 2,000 pounds of the illegal drug. That puts a nice dent in the drug trafficking in the area.

The drugs were smuggled along the Mediterranean Coast between Malaga and Valencia. The cocaine was packed in these specially made floating backpacks that didn't show up on the horizon as they were just under the surface of the water. The backpacks were equipped with satellite tracking devices.

This elaborate scheme has been observed by the Spanish authorities and they moved in and scooped up a good size shipment, getting the drugs meant for the street, off of the streets. Police arrested five people who they have been tracking since May.

The authorities also seized a watercraft, jewelry, phones, computer equipment, high-end watches and three vehicles. They seized $97,000 in items as a total.