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Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad: Twitter alive with anger over 'America the Beautiful'

Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad causes uproar on social networks.
Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad causes uproar on social networks.
Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad screen shot

The Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad has sparked major controversy today because the song “America the Beautiful” used many different languages. “Fox and Friend’s” live on Monday Feb. 3 brought up the irony that some of the folks complaining about the song are angered that the “American Anthem” is performed in different languages for this ad.

Considering this is not America’s Anthem song, the joke is on them! Many of the complaints are so adamant about being a "good American," you would think that they would know the "Star Spangled Banner" is America's Anthem. Maybe they were just too quick to criticize that they lost sight of the song's name that they were complaining about, which is "America the Beautiful."

E Online reports today that while people complained that “their country’s song” wasn’t done in English, others thought it was a great inspiration the way Coke presented the ad. Here are some of the folks that thought that the controversy over the Coke and Cheerios ad was ridiculous:

*Coast Life Guy tweets: That coke commercial made me realize that there are two types of people. 1) true Americans 2) white people who forgot they were Europeans

*Kelly tweets: People complaining about the Cheerios and Coke commercial... I'm sorry did we go back in time to the 50s? Get over it.

*Bry Mac tweets: An interracial couple eating Cheerios and non-English speakers drinking Coke. We're a Benghazi pizza commercial away from a Texas secession.

Just like the first tweet above suggests, all those languages are those of American's ancestors. America is the melting pot for all the different nationalities of the world, that's what makes this country so great! "America the Beautiful," was simply beautiful to hear.

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