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Coca-cola's "Happy Machine" goes into full production

I came across this really cool advertising stunt by Coca-Cola. The marketing geniuses responsible for the event rigged a Coca-cola vending machine to gave out extra goodies to college students who put their hard earned college coinage into the machine. Students who visited the machine got a bevy of freebees designed to make people smile: free bottles of Coke, a pizza, a bouquet of sunflowers, even a very large sub. Imagine if your blog, website or social media campaign followed this same format. Instead of just regurgitating the same stuff over and over, what if a blog or a website or a social media campaign gave you doses of something that gave you a reaction. Okay, you don't have to spread happiness, but you should strive to make people feel some kind of emotion. Whether you make them laugh, cry or get angry, you are doing what the Coke Machine is doing. You are getting people to engage with your brand. When people come to your site, blog or Facebook page expecting the same-old stuff and you give them a dose of something more... that's a bonus! And what do you get in return? You get loyalty, readership, engagement and possibly one more person out there who is a fan. It's a simple, yet powerful lesson that any smart online marketer can learn from.