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“Coca-Cola” needs to speak “American”? Super Bowl ad stirs debate.

Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad promoting diversity stirs debate
Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad promoting diversity stirs debate

Well, one of the Super Bowl commercials has certainly brought out a faction of our population that scares me. Coke produced and aired a Super Bowl commercial that featured the song, “America the Beautiful”---Not “God Bless America” or our National Anthem, which by the way is, “The Star-Spangled Banner”; however, the advertising executives at Coke decided to insert some diversity into their commercial. Thus began the outrage by some amazingly ignorant Americans.

Coke’s advertisement that featured, “America the Beautiful”, highlighted the song in multiple languages throughout the singing of the song. It was so cool to see all of the Americans from different cultures being represented, acknowledged and celebrated as valid and important members of our society. Particularly, the snippets that were sung in different Native American languages moved me to recognize, “America the Beautiful”.

However, many people ‘protested’ the commercial because it was not completely sung in English. Newsflash: English comes from ENGLAND. If you want the song sung in “American”, then you can choose one of the over 40 Native American languages that existed in this country long before the Europeans set foot on this land.

But the ignorance of some comments went even deeper than that: One man wondered how a song to our nation was ‘sang’ in a language other than English. Seems like he needs to brush up on his own use of the English language… One protester wrote, “I respect the hell out of your idea, but do not sing God Bless America in any other language but English”. OOPS… Wrong song…

Another person wrote, “To quote an American patriot: we speak english [sic] in this country”… First of all, the word “English” should be capitalized. Secondly, what American patriot might that be??

Here are more comments: “I’m not racist but, This is America! We speak English!” But apparently she does not know how to use punctuation correctly…

“why is god bless america [sic] being sung in other languages… this is AMERICAN [sic] AND WE SPEAK ENGLISH” Wrong song, way to capitalize the title (NOT!) and then the unfortunate shouting at the end of the statement?

“Why are they singing the National Anthem in different languages? Americans speak English” Last time I checked, “America the Beautiful” was not our National Anthem.

I love this one: “Speak American if your [sic] in America commercials are dumb [sic]” Really? The commercial is dumb?

Needless to say, many of the comments posted cannot be repeated/reprinted on this website (nor should they be on any website) because of the profanity and inappropriate language. So what does this have to do with teen mentoring? It is all about literacy. Just like I professed all throughout high school that I would never need to use algebra, many teenagers claim that they do not need to know basic grammatical rules; however, these people who are protesting a commercial that promotes diversity are doing so with such illiteracy that they lack all credibility or appearance of intelligence.

Bottom line: Don’t complain about the use of other languages when you clearly do not know how to use your own correctly.

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