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Coca-Cola Life coming soon

Coca-Cola Life - a stevia-sweetened cola with 50% less sugar than regular Coke - will be introduced into other markets this year following a successful debut in Argentina and Chile says Elaine Watson with Food Navigator

Coke Life coming soon
Alfred DaCosta
Coke Life coming soon
Wouter de Costor

"Why a new product-line extension from the world's most prominent soft-drink company, given the risk that whatever success it achieves may come at the expense of the company's flagship brand?" asks Yann Cornil. The answer she says, "The marketing-textbook answer is that product-line extensions can recruit new consumers and increase the brand's market share. However, line extensions are supposed to bring variety to consumers. Coca-Cola Life is the company's third "better for you" extension, after Coke Light and Coke Zero."

It is a genius marketing strategy to "zero" in on a certain demographic. It is important to be careful on how you reach the intended audience.

"Tastetosterone" reads the final draft for the Dr. Pepper 10 billboard, having eked out a victory over the other finalist: "Mysogylicious!" Tweets Levi Weaver

Dr. Pepper 10 was designed with male ego in mind. All brands participate in the strategy, some sink and some soar. Check out the video that comes with the article. Coke Life is a heartwarming portrayal of family life with a newborn and all of the chaos that comes. At the end, she finds she is pregnant again. Father is looking up while slamming a Coke Life. (product placement at the climax of the ad) The father screams at first seemingly as though he were distraught but stands to embrace and kiss his wife.

Check the slideshow, answer the questions. What does Coke Life have to do with you. Does it appeal to you?

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