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Coca-Cola: Coke home soda machine like Keurig's Green Mountain coffee is coming

Coca-Cola to have home system for drinking Coke and its other sodas
Coca-Cola to have home system for drinking Coke and its other sodas

Coca-Cola (Coke) will be available via a home soda machine in 2015. The Coca-Cola Co. announced on Wednesday that it has made a partnership for selling its variety of drinks via an at-home beverage machine being developed Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc, according to a Yahoo! News report on Thursday. Green Mountain is the company that makes those nifty Keurig’s single-serve coffee machines found in kitchens across America as well as banks and other businesses that treat its customers and employees.

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Reportedly, the soft drink company is acquiring a 10 percent stake in Green Mountain, which costs the Coca-Cola firm about $1.25 billion.

Historically, Coca-Cola has been distributed to its global audience since 1886 by bottles and restaurant fountain drink systems. Next year, it will be available right at home via the newly-devised system. Naturally, the soft drink-system will go beyond the world’s kitchens and into businesses as Keurig’s single-serve coffee maker has.

The new system is a logical step for a business that has found a decline in customers, as has the other soft drink companies in the business.