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Coca-Cola's America the Beautiful commercial: Are critics 'dumb?'

The Coca-Cola America the Beautiful Super Bowl commercial is sparking a war of words on the Internet, E online reported Sunday.

If you haven’t seen it, Coke’s new TV commercial includes vignettes with families and individuals and includes a gay male couple embracing as they watch their daughter skate.

America the Beautiful not in English

But the biggest controversy is over the song “America the Beautiful” playing in the background in different languages.

Various Twitter users blasted the Coke ad. In fact that Twitter hash tag #SpeakAmerican almost immediately started trending on Twitter, What are some of the most popular Coca-Cola ad tweets:

WATCH: RadioShack's Super Bowl Commercial Brings In Every '80s Star Nice to see that coke likes to sing an AMERICAN song in the terrorist's language. Way to go coke. You can leave America.

Tyler Wyckoff (@tylerwyckoff24) February 3, 2014
Still confused as to why they were singing about America in all those foreign languages in the Coke commercial. We speak English...

Anna Langley (@annalangleyy) February 3, 2014
Dear Coke commercial.... DO NOT sing my Country's song of Freedom in a different language. ????

Devon Mitchell (@DevvMitchell11) February 3, 2014 Of course, not everyone shared that opinion. Twitter was also flooded with people expressing frustration over the tweets bashing the Coke commercial.

Coke ad critics "dumb?"

The Web site slammed the Coke ad haters with this headline: "Dumb People Mad At Multilingual "America The Beautiful" Coca-Cola Ad"

Deaspin said, "It was sweet and forgettable—there are many things not to like about Coke, but their harmless pandering to the idea that America is, among other things, a polyglot nation is not among them—except to dumb, intolerant people who were mad about non-English languages being used in combination with America."

What do you think of Coca-Cola’s America the Beautiful commercial controversy? Please leave you comments below.

Do you believe that Coke should have made the commercial in English only since that is the language that helps unify the country? Do you take issue with Coke featuring a gay couple in the ad? If you haven't seen the Coke Super Bowl commercial, it is posted above.

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