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Cobb County Superintendent announces resignation after snow storm chaos

Cobb County School Superintendent Michael Hinojosa resigned Monday night, but says it has nothing to do with his handling of last Tuesday's snow storm where several hundred students were stranded at schools.
Cobb County Schools

Cobb County School Superintendent Michael Hinojose says his decision to resign as district leader has nothing to do with his handling of last Tuesday’s winter storm, or the fact that several hundred students were trapped on school buses and in schools overnight.

However a number of angry parents let their concerns be known during the Monday night’s Cobb County School Board meeting. They challenged Hinojose’s leadership and the decisions made. Parents says the district failed to communicate information and exercised poor timing in the releasing of students.

But the thing that angered Cobb parents the most was hearing reports that Superintendent Hinojosa went home in the middle of the day, leaving staff and students stranded at schools.

Hinojosa defended his actions and in an interview with WXIA pointing to his efforts to remain in constant contact with school leaders and making sure school deputies were present. He’s announcement came as a surprise to those attending the meeting as it was made at the end.

Hinojosa says his decision to step down has nothing to do with the snow storm events, but was planned in December 2013 as he has accepted a job offer in his home state of Texas to work in the private sector.

Michael Hinojose came to Cobb County in 2011 from the Dallas Independent School District in Texas. He says he will serve as Cobb County’s School Superintendent for the remainder of the year stepping down in May.

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