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Cobb County School District school choice (HB 251) begins today

Cobb County School District
Cobb County School District

Cobb County School District annual HB 251 school choice enrollment begins today 15 June 2010 and runs until 30 June 2010. It is the new law that allows parents to transfer their child into any Cobb County school as long as there is space in the requested grade. The program is administered by Student Support Services.

The rules of the transfer are as follows:

  1. Your child can complete the highest grade of the school without reapplying every year.
  2. Transfer school must have available space.
  3. Parents are responsible for transportation to and from school.
  4. High school students are responsible for being informed regarding eligibility for athletics.

You will be notified by the county by 20 July 2010. Once you are notified do make an appointment to visit and tour the school of your choice. Information about the process can be found here and the application can be downloaded here

This is a wonderful program because it enables parents to send their children to a school they like. Unlike in the past where you were forced to attend your district school, now you can choose the school. It is empowering parents in their child's education.


  • Worried Parent 5 years ago

    This is a wonderful program, however I am in a situation where 2 out of 3 of my kids made it into the school...I'm completely devasted as my daughter will still need to attend the school that we are trying to get out of. I am an extremely involved parent and now I have to split my time between two schools. I wish they did not split up siblings, seems like an oversight of the bill or the lottery process in general. Needless to say I have mixed emotions about this process, it has split our family up. Yes I can certainly choose to give up my spots, but I want a better school setting for all three of my kids. I guess I have to hope that there will be spot for my daughter for next year. It just seems so wrong.

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