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Cobb County jury deliberates today for murder trial involving elderly mother

Melissa Blue awaits verdict today in Cobb County. She's accused of murdering her elderly mother.
Cobb County Sheriff's Office

A Cobb County jury started deliberations today for the murder trial of an 80-year-old woman. Her daughter, Melissa Blue, is accused of killing the elderly woman, and is facing five counts, WSB-TV reports.

According to court documents, in 2011, Evelyn Blue was confined to a hotel room for weeks without any assistance. The hotel room, located at the Howard Johnson hotel off of Delk Road, was locked for weeks, and in a weakened state, Evelyn was unable to find help. Her daughter, Melissa Blue, shared the room with her mother. Investigators state that she watched her mother lay helpless in a bed, suffering from bed sores that were so severe that her bones began to protrude. According to the manager of the hotel, Melissa Blue refused housekeeping services.

In September of 2011, Evelyn Blue was taken to Kennestone Hospital after her daughter called police, stating that her mother had been assaulted. Although physicians fought to keep her alive, Evelyn Blue passed away a few days after admittance.

Melissa Blue was arrested shortly after her mother was admitted to the hospital and has remained in Cobb County jail. Her $27,720 bail was never met. She is charged with felony murder, two counts of elderly abuse, and two counts of exploitation. According to arrest warrant, she deprived her mother of “health care and sustenance, which resulted in the victim suffering severe bed sores and emaciation. (Evelyn Blue was) lying in bodily fluids and excrement and her bones were visible through her wounds."

Although the defense team for Melissa Blue is urging jurors to find her not guilty based on insanity, the prosecution disagrees.

"This is just cold-blooded; this is just horrible that no human being should go through this suffering. Arguably it would have been more humane had she put a bullet through Evelyn's head,' argued prosecuting attorney Jesse Evans.

Defense attorney Brian Lumpkin argued that a sane person wouldn't lie down in a bed next to an ill, elderly mother if she were sane and her thoughts were clear.

"And as her mom is laying in that bed decomposing, she is laying in that bed next to her. Bad person? Or sick person? A bad person chooses to do bad things. A sick person has no choice," Lumpkin argued.

Regardless, the prosecution team remained steadfast, stating that Melissa Blue knows right from wrong.

The jury currently agrees on three of the five charges against the defendant, but are still discussing and deliberating the other two charges.


Melissa Blue was found not guilty of murder and not guilty of exploitation. However, she was found guilty of cruelty to her 80-year-old mother on May 8. Sentencing has not yet been determined.

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