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Cobb County inmate attack causes severe injuries

Cobb County inmate Corey Green is accused of attacking another inmate, causing serious facial damage.
Cobb County Sheriff''s Office

After a weekend scuffle, a Cobb County inmate is left with facial disfigurement after another inmate reportedly attacked him, according to the Cobb Cobb Sheriff's Office.

Corey Green was arrested Feb. 11 and is being held at the Cobb County Detention Center for loitering, possession of cocaine, and obstructing a law enforcement officer. Since he has an outstanding fugitive warrant in Florida, he remains in jail, listed as a flight risk.

While in the north tower cell block of Cobb County jail this Saturday, Green attacked inmate Joshua Voss, slamming him onto the concrete floor. While Voss was still down, Green allegedly hit him in the face several times, causing a large cut and swelling so severe that his face will more than likely be permanently damaged.

Voss was arrested the same day as Green on Feb. 11, but his arrest and charges were unrelated to Green's. Voss remains in jail without bond, charged with financial credit card theft and purchase, failure to appear in court, and manufacture, distribution, or sale of marijuana.

Per the Cobb County Sheriff's Department, Green is being charged with felony aggravated battery for the attack on Voss.

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