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See also: is a great coaching tool is a great coaching tool for coaches. There are 10 elements to this informative and cutting-edge website.

The offense section is a compilation of plays broken into the following categories: man-to-man, man-to-man quick-hitters, zone, zone quick-hitters, baseline out-of-bounds plays, sideline out-of-bounds plays, and press breakers. One great post on there is Kansas' screen the screener play. It includes a description, a drawn out step-by-step representation of the play, and a video of it in action.

The defense section is broken into man-to-man, zone, and full court press. Man-to-man is an umbrella term to describe a defense where players are responsible for the players they are guarding as well as the players who break loose from their teammates (help defense). However, there are many ways to play man-to-man defense based on coach’s preference and based on team needs and capabilities. This section shows various types of man-to-man defense from the VCU Havoc Defense to the Pack Line Defense.

Discussion Board
The discussion board section provides coaches with the opportunity to discuss strategies and plays in an organized forum. Current topics on the board include how to defeat a match-up zone, coach's favorite conditioning drills, coach's favorite drills in general, and the types of offenses that are run. The more people who contribute to this section, the better the discussion board is. This is an opportunity for readers to help build up the resourcefulness of the website.

The sections of Team Drills, Individual Drills, and Strength and Conditioning are exactly what they sound like. There is also a section that lists great instructional basketball DVDs and books.

Coaching Resources
This section can best be described as a miscellaneous group of random sources for coaches. For example, there is a post with motivational videos for the team and there is also a post with summer basketball workout plans.

This section includes information about various strategies as they pertain to basketball. For example, end of game situation. However, there are also articles about strategies that do not involve plays, such as mental toughness.

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