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Coachella 2014 Interview: DROWNERS

DROWNERS talk Coachella debut, future projects and more
DROWNERS talk Coachella debut, future projects and more
Marie Flounoy

Coachella Valley Music festival is known as the foundation, launching point of many participating talent. This year was no different with there being a host of new emerging talent making their debut at Coachella, such as post-punk quartet formed in New York as DROWNERS, consisting of frontman (and former male model) Matthew Hitt (vocals, guitar), Jack Ridley (guitar), Erik Lee Snyder (bass), and Joe (drums) who got a chance to speak with about their sound, their highly praised Coachella debut/set, upcoming projects and more.

I = Interviewer (Marie Flounoy)


I: Where are you guys from?

Matt: I'm Welsh but we all lived and formed in New York.

I: Why do you call yourself DROWNERS?

Matt: We booked a gig without having a name, the promoter rang me one day and said he needed something to put on the poster and after having about 6 different names floating around I thought that that was the best one and it looks best written down.

I: How has your experience been at Coachella?

Matt: Amazing. We played Lollapalooza last year and we never really did a festival like this before, this one is ... warmer, more beers backstage and we've really enjoyed ourselves. *laughs*

I: What would you say was a highlight at Coachella?

Matt: I would say playing it *laughs* seeing people singing along was like ...wild. We've only been in California once before this.

I: Which one was better, was Weekend 1 or Weekend 2?

Weekend 1 was good because we were quite excited and giddy. We didn't know what the stage looked like or anything.

I: Describe DROWNERS sound, in three words?

Matt: Romantic Posh

Eric: Immediate, economical, fast.

Joe: Fun..

*Jack Ridley (guitar) joins*

I: Thank you for joining us. We were just talking about your experience about Coachella and any highlights - how was your experience?

Matt: Yes, that's Jack.

Jack: A blast, a magical feast for the eyes. *laughs*

I: I can imagine *laughs* Ok, so what inspired you all made you all get into music?

Matt: Speaking only for myself, I saw The Monkees on TV it made me want to be in a band.

Eric: Kind of a mix for me, for me it's a outlet for a huge mix of of emotions. A big relief.

Matt: I don't know how I would get it out. I'd probably end up beating someone up.

Jack: It feels like kicking the sh*t out someone or making love to someone.

I: The current DROWNERS LP - What were the main inspiration factors behind it?

Matt: The main one, we got signed and had enough money to make a album. Living in New York, it's expensive, its either you get your stuff or forget about it.

I: What were you doing before DROWNERS formed?

Matt: Same stuff I'm doing now! DJ'ing for cash, playing the guitar...yeah, you know...

Eric: I worked as a photographer.

Jack: Bartender.

Joe: Dropped out the University.

I: Are there any upcoming projects?

Matt: We're going to be touring a lot in the next few months. Jack and I play in a another band called Threats. So whenever, we don't do DROWNERS stuff, we do that.

I: Who were you excited to see at Coachella?

Brody: Queens of the Stone Age

Jack: Haim, Replacements, The Pixies

I: Last, but not least, what are you listening to right now?

Matt: FIDLAR, a band from Los Angeles.

Jack: I think we're all listening to the same thing, *laughs* we're stuck in a van together.


Listen to DROWNERS debut LP that's available on iTunes and Amazon.

For DROWNERS tour information, news and more visit their official website via

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