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Coach Tom Ryan calls team's focus and effort into question after tough Titans loss

Blazers head coach Tom Ryan.
Blazers head coach Tom Ryan.
Ian B. Murphy

The Blazers head coach Tom Ryan said his team still has a long way to go with how they prepare during the week for the weekend games.

Unfortunately, there isn't much season left to get it right, and the Blazers may need to win out to make the playoffs.

"At this point in the season, we’re asking the guys to bear down and give us their full focus for the last three weeks," said Ryan. "That hurt us the last week; we didn’t have 100 percent focus from the coaches and the players on the floor."

Last week's loss to the Titans, 13-10, also represented a crucial opportunity lost: the Blazers could have pulled within a half game of first place in the East. Instead, they find themselves behind in the division by 2.5 games, and they only face one more Eastern foe: April 24 at Buffalo, the last week of the season.

Ryan said he had high hopes for the game last week, expecting the team to rebound after a tough loss against Philadelphia. It was their third time playing Orlando, and Ryan said he knew they would need a premium effort to win.

“I was disappointed because we didn’t play that well against Philadelphia the week before, and we expected everybody to respond with their best effort,” Ryan said.

This Saturday, the Blazers face the Minnesota Swarm (5-7) who also need to win out to have a sniff at the playoffs. The Blazers will face them one day after the Swarm take on the Nighthawks in Rochester.

“We’re looking forward to having to play two different teams with two different styles," said Swarm head coach Mike Lines. "It’s going to end up being a challenge for us.”

Ryan, as he has said all season, is more concerned with how his own team is playing than what the Swarm need to do in the TD Garden.

"If you look across the standings, everybody is hungry for the win," Ryan said. “This part of the season, we’re just trying to play our best lacrosse, and that’s our goal for the rest of this season.”


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