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Coach Spotlight: The Mythic Mystic Mermaid Saving the Sea - Kris Katsuko Oster

She is inspired by the sea. She was born of rhythm. Mythology and psychology are her expertise. She’s a mentor, wise women, mystic, and branding coach. She is also a Mermaid. Why? The Mermaid image is her logo and represents who she is as an archetype and entrepreneur. She is also a Mermaid because she is a siren. Why? Because her business is soul driven. When she sends a call out about her latest coaching program or workshop, it’s an expression of her soul’s ambitions. Plus, she supports saving the sea.

Kris Katsuko Oster, PhD specializes in helping women business owners create a strong niche brand. She also helps save the sea in the process.
Kris Katsuko Oster, PhD specializes in helping women business owners create a strong niche brand. She also helps save the sea in the process.
R.S. Thurston
Kris Katsuko Oster, has a PhD in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute
Mythic Rhythm

Her name is Kris, Katsuko Oster, PhD and her coaching practice is aptly called Mythic Rhythm. By the way, she’s an inspiration to those who’ve worked with her. Not a surprise since her dad is the original drummer for Chicago, the band with the timeless hit song, “You’re the inspiration”. Don’t be mistaken. Kris is an inspiration all on her own merit. She is the rock star’s daughter who sings her own tune.

When Kris launched her now signature mastermind program “Bewitched” she had all enrollees donate to the Sea Save Foundation. So as Kris taught her students how to attract their ideal clients by rebranding their businesses as a reflection of their real selves, she helped save the sea. The organization is passionate about ocean conservation. So it was natural charity to be championed by a Mermaid.

In the short Q&A interview below, Kris shares more about her passions for Mythic Rhythm and the Sea Save Foundation.

How did you discover the Sea Save Foundation?
I discovered Sea Save Foundation in 2012 when I was researching potential charity partners that I could donate a portion of my workshop, CD and book sales to. I was looking for a local California organization where I could actually talk to someone about how I could help them. Of course I wanted to partner with an ocean conservation non-profit since I am a mermaid after all!

What most inspires your soul about the ocean conservation efforts that Sea Save does?
They are a wonderful group of passionate people who are dedicated to preserving our shark and dolphin populations around the world. They are also more like a family and not such a huge organization.

How did people respond when you asked they donate to Sea Save in order to participate in the “Bewitched” workshop?
I believe I raised over $500 for them last year and waiting to get my tax letter and can give you an exact amount when I receive it later this week.

Can you share which of Sea Save’s work really stands out for you?
There are two that come to mind: Give em the Fin ( which is a fun way to advocate the rights of sharks and to ban the cruel practice of finning. I also like their Voice of Cocos Island ( which works to preserve the reefs and diving spots there as a heritage site.

As for Mythic Rhythm, what is the one thing you want to inspire in those who work with you?
Passion. It’s essential for female entrepreneurs. My mastermind coaching program “Enchantment” was a seven module series delivered in a three month immersion aimed at revitalizing a person’s passion for their business.

Why are your programs specific for women-only?
I embrace the feminine leadership style and feminine energy in general. Being a woman in business means you are still a woman. This program acknowledges, celebrates, and encourages the natural strengths inherent in being a woman. Only women can be mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, and matriarchs.

How do you see Mythic Rhythm helping Sea Save in the future?
The foundation is my non-profit partner and I plan to continue to fundraise through my business by encouraging clients to donate to them. It’s important to keep Mother Earth and Mother Ocean alive and healthy. Conservation is for all of us. The Ocean is pivotal to the Earth’s eco-system.

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