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Coach Spotlight: Angel Quintana on How to Market a Book at The Memoirs Club

Angel Quintana, founder and CEO of Holistic Fashionista, continues to launch innovative brand extensions in her empire. Her latest offering is the Holistic Fashionista Memoirs Club which was developed to help authors get pre-publication exposure for their book int he marketplace. Quintana herself is the author of Holistic Fashionista Memoirs: Tales of Adversity, Perseverance, and Success. The book profiles 36 female entrepreneurs who have triumphed in their businesses by staying true to their vision and personal mission. Holistic Fashionista's Memoirs Club is a natural extension of the purpose of the book: to keep empowering other women in their businesses to keep going and growing by building a brand with integrity. Learn more about the Memoirs Club in the following interview.

A Holistic Fashionista has an office that suits her creativity. Check out our site, and subscribe away!
Holistic Fashionista
The Memoirs Club is brought to you by Holistic Fashionista magazine designed to help you market your book. Through Holistic Fashionista magazine, The Memoirs Club is promoted to our list of subscribers through our newsletter, magazine, and social media.
Holistic Fashionista

What is the Holistic Fashionista Memoirs Club? How is it different from the other book marketing channels out in the marketplace?

The Holistic Fashionista Memoirs Club is an opportunity designed to help writers gain exposure to their books and ebooks through online marketing. The idea is to create a group of people, what refer to as Power Tribes, whom join forces to collective share and promote one another’s books. In addition, Holistic Fashionista puts the members’ work in our recommended reads in our online magazine with a seal that represents our favorite books. We understand how extremely expensive it is to hire a PR team or a coach to help market a book, so we are offering a very affordable option that embraces the power of group marketing.

What kind of pre-publication book publicity is available for authors? What do they get for their investment in the Memoirs Club?

We truly believe in order to gain the most exposure and to maximize sales to a book is to start selling your book before it’s completed or has reached the distributing channels like Amazon or Barnes & Noble. This gives you a competitive edge to building hype and interest around your piece of work before it hits the market. It gets people excited and is also a great list builder! We help our members develop a great plan to succeed in a pre-sell. The Memoirs Club is $29 per month with a $99 initial set-up fee, which includes having our team upload a description of the book, book title, and cover image in our Favorite Book Club section of our magazine and in our newsletter. For $29 per month you get ongoing promotion including: social media shout-outs, newsletter promotion, group marketing, + more.

How come Holistic Fashionista doesn’t collect any revenue through the sale of the books that are marketed through the Memoirs Club?

We want to keep the process of marketing a book and making money off the sale of your book as simple as possible. We’re not a publishing house and therefore our main intention is to not collecting commission off our members book sales. Our primary goal is to offer a Power Tribe community and an online marketing service to help bring our members’ books to commerce as seamlessly and profitably as possible. It essence, we are the writer’s online marketing team, using social media and Power Tribes to get the most exposure to their book or ebook.

Tell me how the concept was conceived for the Memoirs Club when there are so many options for writers to access marketing channels?

Holistic Fashionista’s most recent collaborative book of 36 writers entitled Holistic Fashionista Memoirs kickstarted The Memoirs Club. As a group, we were able to reach a much larger audience and because of that sales increased. It’s undeniable the power of groups! After we launched the book I wanted to take that concept and bring it to my audience and share my knowledge of how I launched a project of that size. I feel there are so many amazing minds in our tribe whom are writing fascinating books that deserve readers! The Memoirs Club is designed to help market books and ebooks as a collaborative guerrilla marketing campaign.

What is your ultimate vision for the authors who join the Memoirs Club?

My ultimate vision for the authors is to help them gain massive, even explosive exposure to their piece of work. It's a competitive market out there filled with clutter and I want to make sure that the beautiful books and ebooks that are written by my fellow holistic leaders are found, read, and in high demand. I truly want nothing more from The Memoirs Club than to be a strong supporter of up and coming leaders who have a passion for positive reform.

A Holistic Fashionista Golden Partner has the Memoirs Club included in their membership. Tell me more about the other perks that a Golden Partner enjoys?

Many of our contributors to Holistic Fashionista magazine have written books, want to write a book, or are currently writing a book. Our Golden partner membership is an opportunity to not only gain exposure to their business and showcase their expertise, but to also expand and influence a larger audience. With the many perks that come with this affordable membership are: masterminding (, access to our CEO training calls at The Haven (, Free Advertisements, and entry into The Memoirs Club (

It’s an all inclusive package that has a member’s bases covered so Holistic Fashionista may facilitate their online marketing efforts for their products, programs, and books! I also provide video presentations on SEO, social media, design, + more to keep their marketing efforts current and up-to-do with the most relevant information out there on the web 6 times per year. At just $199 per month, that’s the best marketing plan we offer— super affordable and perfect for the entrepreneur looking to expand their business.

Is there a metric system that you use to track the effectiveness of your book publicity campaigns for an author? If so, what factors do you measure?

The Holistic Fashionista favorite book list is sent out in a beautiful newsletter to our mailing list of thousands of subscribers— so we are able to track click throughs and open rate. In addition, we also out The Memoirs Club books in our online magazine, which is tracked through Google Analytics. While The Memoirs Club doesn’t guarantee book sales, it is promoted in many different facets: the Power Tribe (our Memoirs Community), all over our social media outlets (Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook), in our magazine and newsletter. Once you belong to The Memoirs Club, the Power Tribe private community then shares your book in their social media channels, which in turn created a guerrilla marketing campaign for your book reaching thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people worldwide!

Do you also help an author target a specific audience and niche market within the Holistic Fashionista database? If so, what do you do if the reader demographic an authors is seeking to reach is not well represented in your list of subscribers?

To keep The Memoirs Club in line with the Holistic Fashionista brand, we only choose books we believe our Holistic Fashionista readers would enjoy. Therefore, books that are not relevant to our fan base will not be eligible for The Memoirs Club. Our fans, followers, and mailing list consist of 95% women, 25-45 years old, holistic lifestyle, entrepreneurial, and fashion conscious; she loves to read and is a consumer of information, from fiction to nonfiction, self help, to nutrition and personal style— she also buys books in bulk!

Who are the types of authors and book topics you are looking to add to the Memoirs Club?

Ideally, we are looking for all kinds of books: fiction, non-fiction, self-help, business books, + more. If the author has a book that we believe would interest our Holistic Fashionista audience, then we look forward to being the marketing team for their publication. (See answer #8).

The Memoirs Club is new so will there be more features and products under its umbrella in the future? What more can we expect from the Memoirs Club?

The Memoirs Club is a great starting point to getting involved with Holistic Fashionista in a greater capacity. It’s also an opportunity to find out the many ways we can support them in their business. We are actively looking for writers, radio + tv hosts to join the Holistic Fashionista family- so if writing is their thing why not publish your wisdom in our publication regularly.

We also offer design+marketing courses at The Willow House of Design and a mecca of other fabulous and inexpensive solutions to help entrepreneurs develop a brand that stands out in the marketplace. We are excited to assist in building Holistic Leaders of Tomorrow—that has always been our main objective with the Holistic Fashionista brand and we are working hard to deliver the best possible products+programs to serve our tribe of members, partners, and contributors so we may achieve our goal.

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