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Coach Spotlight: Cindie Chavez on Healing Broken Hearts

Cindie Chavez is an intuitive life and relationship coach who partners with creative, busy women that struggle with overwhelm and want to connect with their innate feminine spirituality and create a life full of love and magic.
Cindie Chavez is an intuitive life and relationship coach who partners with creative, busy women that struggle with overwhelm and want to connect with their innate feminine spirituality and create a life full of love and magic.
Cindie Chavez

The Broken Heart Syndrome phenomenon indicates that there apparently is some truth behind the saying that a person can die from a broken heart. Although science has not 100% proved this phenomenon, it is a condition or experience that can impact well-being. The stress of an emotionally trying situation or past event may cause emotional and physical responses that could undermine overall health. That said, healing a broken heart, is a step in the right direction.

Cindie Chavez is an intuitive life and relationship coach who partners with creative, busy women that struggle with overwhelm and want to connect with their innate feminine spirituality and create a life full of love and magic. A few places Cindie has been featured are Huffington Post, Wild Sister magazine, Transformation Goddess, and Leonie Dawson's Amazing Life & Biz Academy. She is the author of The Peaceful Power Process and The 7-figure Relationship. You can find her free book Healing for a Broken Heart at

Describe for me in a synopsis what your eBook “Healing for a Broken Heart” is all about? What kinds of healing solutions are offered in it?

My eBook is based on my idea that "everything you want is on the other side of your broken heart." I say this because any time we are wounded emotionally, whether romantically or from some other experience or loss, and whether it’s a little bruise or a gaping hole, the emotional pain we experience will get in the way of us creating what we want and living our life to the fullest. Those painful emotional issues will just keep popping up and getting in the way until we deal with them. My book is full of very practical things you can begin to do immediately that will help you move toward healing.

There are so many coaches in the dating and relationship area, what is distinct about you and how you work with people?

I don't consider myself a "dating coach", because generally I'm not helping people who want to enter and succeed in the dating world, but I’m working with people who want to create awesome relationships. One of the things that distinguishes me from other coaches is my expertise in conflict resolution, communication and Energy Leadership™.

Tell me about your background personally and professionally and how it lead to your current coaching practice?

The famous physicist Neils Bohr once defined an expert as "someone who has made every possible mistake in a narrow field." I think that is a really funny quote, but there is a lot of truth to it. I spent over two decades in a marriage that was not working. When that marriage ended I decided I was going to learn absolutely everything I could about what makes a relationship work. I already had plenty of knowledge about what made a relationship not work! So that's what I set out to do and in the process my life changed so dramatically that I decided I wanted to help other people have successful relationships and lives too.

Professionally I've created and taught curriculum and workshops on Intuition, Creativity, Conscious Creation, Communication, and Conflict resolution for over a decade. I'm a certified life and relationship coach, an iPEC graduate, and an Energy Leadership™ Master Practitioner.

How do you think your background contributes to your particular strategy as a relationship coach?

My background in communication & conflict resolution contributes greatly to my work because my strategy has a lot to do with uncovering the really deep needs of my clients and then discovering ways for them to get those needs met. My personal background and intuition are also key elements that play a big part in my coaching success.

People have called you the “Love and Magic Coach” and have said your intuition is a strength in working with them. However, logically speaking, what do you think this “magic and intuition” is really about?

My intuition has been really powerful since I was a child and I'm not afraid of using it. I think that is mostly because I'm not attached to being right. So very often I'll have an intuitive hunch in a session and I'll bring it up to my client. If I'm wrong I'm wrong, but it's always worth exploring. My batting average is pretty high, so I count my intuition as my most valuable tool. I think that we all have intuition, or “inner knowing”, and it is something that can be developed and refined. I’ve just practiced using mine for a long time, so I’m pretty comfortable with it; I know my intuitive voice very well.

As for the magic, I think it happens because I believe. I believe in magic. I see it every day. I'm not sure that I can give you a "logical" answer since logic and intuition are so different, and since magic generally defies logic. I have the ability to hold the space for my clients to believe. I believe in my clients, I believe in Love, I believe in Magic, and I believe that with the right tools and support my clients can create whatever it is they are longing for in their life.

What actions and behaviors do you have as a coach which occurs like this to others?

I think that my actions and behaviors stem from my solid belief that the Universe is always supporting me, and supporting all of us. So many times my clients tell me that being with me causes their faith to increase, they start believing it can happen for them and then it does.

What kinds of positive outcomes have you observed and noted with the clients who have worked with you on addressing their challenges in relationships, whether single or partnered?

I've seen relationships improve dramatically and I've seen clients attract new relationships that were a much better fit than what they had experienced in the past. I've also seen many times that as someone begins working with me on their relationship stuff, they'll begin making more money and attracting new and better business opportunities. Likewise, I've had clients come to me for business coaching and suddenly start attracting romance, or have a serious improvement in their marriage. I think that's just a result of energy shifting, and the idea that "how you do anything is how you do everything." So often when we shift our energy in one area of our life we see results in other areas too.

Describe what a single session with you is like?

In a single session I generally focus on "drilling down" to what is really underneath the number one "problem" my client is dealing with. My clients tell me that issues that were cloudy and confusing to them suddenly become crystal clear, that their next steps became shockingly easy and that they were amazed at how profoundly our session affected them. I also often hear that the magic continues after we hang up the phone.

How does it differ if the person is single and looking versus partnered and wanting to improve their relationship skills?

Every client's situation is different and no two sessions are the same, however, many communication skills and conflict resolution skills come in to play for singles as well as couples. Generally all outer conflict is a manifestation of an inner conflict.

Walk me through the elements of a Virtual VIP Day with you?

A virtual VIP day with me consists of 4 phone calls scheduled throughout the day. In between the phone calls my client will work on certain assignments and exercises. We start with communication before the actual VIP day so I am well informed about what my client would like to gain from her special day with me. I decide on exercises and tools that would fit my client best according to her lifestyle, circumstances, and desired outcome. We then move through the day gently and powerfully from our Opening Ceremony phone call, to our Celebration Call at the end of the day. I often have clients tell me that throughout the entire day they experience synchronicities and meaningful coincidences. I refer to that as magic.

Again, how would you design a customized day of coaching for the single versus partnered person?

All coaching with me, whether single session, VIP day, or ongoing mentoring and support is customized for the client. I am a deeply skilled listener and we work together in our initial session to determine what my client's desired outcome will be, then we get busy creating that outcome.

Who are your ideal clients to work with?

My ideal client is a creative, successful female, age 35 to 45. She is smart, conscious, and interested in developing her spirituality. She definitely has her own style, and she is often struggling with overwhelm, a busy schedule and long to-do lists. She may have some emotional wounds, also known as a broken heart. I'm very conscious of heartbreak and how it affects every other area of our life, so women who’ve experienced heartbreak often seek me out. Sometimes heartbreak comes from a romantic partnership that didn’t work out, but it can also be from suffering other types of loss.

Now tell me how the 6 months of mentoring works and how you measure a person’s progress positively towards their goals? How do you do the same with your ongoing Mastermind program?

Generally at the beginning of our time together we decide on exactly what my client would like to accomplish during our work together. Once we get clear on that decision we begin to create those outcomes. My clients decide on the level of progress, and whether or not they want to change or adjust their goals as we move forward. Ultimately my clients know if they are making the progress they want to make and if they aren’t we figure out why and do what needs to be done to get results. I expect for every client to have the positive outcome they desire and I expect results to happen quickly.

What’s next from you that your fans, supporters, and clients can look forward to in the near future?

I'm putting together an online Mastermind Program called "Abracadabra". I'm very excited about it and expect to launch it in the Fall of this year. A lot of mastermind groups focus on business, and I have found that belonging to a high level mastermind group is invaluable for running a successful business. This mastermind group I’m creating is a group that focuses on creating a magical life. Which is why I chose the name “Abracadabra: The Magical Life Mastermind.” I know what it is to create and live a life full of Love and Magic every day, and that is something that I'd like to help more people experience.

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