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Coach Spotlight: Billie Gardner's Get Unstuck Coaching to Get Desires Done

Billie Gardner is the Dream Strategist of Desire to Done and specializes in coaching people to get unstuck. Often becoming or feeling stuck results from perceptions or beliefs that keep patterns, habits, and actions in place. For those who know they are in a stasis in life or an area of life, having an objective and external perspective to shed perspective on their blind spots, can make a difference. Sometimes the roadmap of life or an area in life is at a standstill only because one needs a new map of perceiving their situation. What Billie offers is a GPS insight that is action-oriented and objective to facilitate a client to move out to feeling stuck and towards achieving important goals in a timely manner. Billie explains how she developed her approach to her "Get Unstuck" coaching intensives.

Billie Garder is a Dram Strategist Coach based in Florida.
Desire to Done

How do you get people unstuck?

We talk one-on-one to determine where they feel stuck and figure out the right plan of action for them. Some of the most common reasons for feeling stuck are fear, lack of focus, overwhelm, indecisiveness, perfectionism and limiting beliefs. I use my intuition to figure out the underlying issues that my client may not have noticed. A different perspective is sometimes all a person needs to get them motivated. I guide people through big scary tasks by breaking them down into manageable steps & suggesting solutions for taking action.

Beyond the encouragement of a Get Unstuck session, what are the core strategies & tactics that you use to move them out of the overwhelm that can paralyze them from taking effective action?

Normally overwhelm is due to too many options, information overload or too much to do. Creating a priority list is a must to get a clear picture of what’s important. Taking people by the hand and showing them step-by-step how to do a task is something that comes naturally to me. I enjoy breaking down huge goals into small, easy to do steps, as well as, gently coaxing my clients to take just one small step at a time.

A lot of the times starting is the hardest part. We humans tend to work ourselves up in a tizzy imagining how difficult something is going to be!I take my coaching to a new level by offering solutions based on my experience and what has worked for me. My clients appreciate this approach because they want someone to make recommendations on how to accomplish their goals.

Confidence is another factor in having a resilient temperament when it comes to being able to get past stuck. How do you tackle this in a Get Unstuck session?

I remember the teachers and mentors I had growing up. From grade school to college, they encouraged me to keep going when things were tough and to reach for my dreams when others tried discouraging me. This encouragement helped build my confidence when I didn't have the emotional support I needed from those around me. I’m the cheerleader for my clients and help them see their potential. I encourage them to take the scary, exciting steps and to take action to gain clarity. Taking action can be a big confidence booster.

What kind of follow-up and follow through measures are in place after a Get Unstuck session to make sure the person is taking the right action to actually get unstuck?

Some people just need a little boost to get them moving again, a fresh pair of eyes to see their blind spots. If they’re looking for ongoing support we work together to create a custom coaching package for them that meets their needs. I give my ongoing clients a homework checklist outlining the tasks we’ve agreed upon until our next session.

It lists their desire, the action they’ll take, and why they need to take that action. It’s good to know the why behind their actions, because it gives them a little more motivation Ongoing sessions offer accountability which facilitates more action. I also offer resources to help them accomplish their goals, which include articles and links to others who’ve helped me or worksheets I’ve created myself.

What influenced your particular methodology and style in how you developed the Get Unstuck sessions?

I’ve been there - stuck in a bad relationship, unfulfilling job, and unhappy with myself. I realized years ago that if I wanted to get out of the slump I had to do something about it. I read a lot about personal development and saw the amazing changes in my life. I’m happier than I’ve ever been and now enjoy encouraging people along their path. I want everyone to follow their dreams and find their life purpose, so I do what I can to make that happen. I don’t want anyone to feel that they can’t do something because they don’t know how or because they feel lost.

Do you have any client success stories from a Get Unstuck session that really stands out to you? If so, could you share them?

I had a beautiful breakthrough with a client this week who was frustrated because she felt she needed to keep all her important projects and items around her at all times. Once she put something away she felt she needed it again, so she would get it back out. We came to the realization that she felt she needed her things nearby because of a fear that her things weren’t safe. She came from an unhappy home life where her important things were destroyed and these deep feelings were affecting her every day life. She’s now using daily affirmations to cut through these fears, as well as, forgiveness. I’m proud to say she no longer has the need to keep everything at arms length and if she finds an old habit creeping in she reassures herself with a positive affirmation.

How do you as a coach stay on top of the trends in coaching to make sure Get Unstuck stays effective and current for the clients who work with you?

I’m a member of a couple mastermind groups where I discuss coaching and business topics. I invest in myself and my business by taking online programs to develop my skills and I’m always reading, watching, or listening to other coaches and personal development gurus to learn as much as I can. My goal is to inspire, motivate, and encourage people to follow their dreams and in order to do so I need to keep learning, growing and moving.

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